Matte Black

One of the most popular up-and-coming design trends for bathrooms in 2019 is the inclusion of the matte black finish. The reason why this finish is so popular this year is due to the increasingly popular modern bathroom design design. The matte black finish offers a smooth and sleek style to your bathroom design. You can most commonly find this finish on bathroom sinks, towel bars and accessory sets, but you can also incorporate it onto your faucets toilets and other fixtures. Matte black is one of the most beautiful finishes because it meshes well in any are of your bathroom. Aside from your fixtures, your bathroom can benefit from matte black walls as well. Overall adding some matte black could be just what you need to improve the quality of your bathroom design.

Floating Vanities

Bathroom vanities can be found in every bathroom design, but in comparison to free-standing vanities, floating vanities are becoming the more popular of the two. Floating vanities offer increased storage space, a minimalist look and versatility to your bathroom design. As far as storage space goes, you can store items both inside of your vanity and underneath it without having to worry about the legs of the vanity getting in the way. Floating vanities also fit in very well with the modern bathroom design. Since many modern bathroom designs are centered around a minimalist approach, the floating vanity fits in perfectly. You can also mount this type of vanity to your perfect height preferences, which is an added benefit.

One of the most convenient features of a floating vanity is the versatile design. It doesn't matter what kind of bathroom design you have. A wall mounted vanity will be able to fit in all of them. With a vast selection of different finishes and materials, you have many different choices at your disposal. They will not be falling out of style any time soon, so consider one for your bathroom design for years to come.

The Industrial Style

One of the most artistic and interesting styles on the rise this year is the industrial style. The industrial style take your bathroom back in time while incorporating the beautiful fixtures that give it a classic charm. Common materials that are used in this style include brass, metal variants, ceramics, marble and even wood in some cases. The best thing about this particular style is the overall comfort that comes along with it. Old fashioned fixtures combined with a modern, well-functioning design, the industrial style can be one of the most rewarding bathroom designs you could choose.

Compact Storage

As bathrooms are getting bigger and more space is being utilized, the need for storage is getting increasingly necessary. Compact storage is especially effective because it is out of the way and neatly organized. There are a few ways that you can include compact storage in your bathroom through quick and easy methods. The easiest way to store items is through cabinet or drawer units. You can mount these fixtures right on the wall or on the floor, With either of these installation methods, you can store your items out of site and keep your bathroom open and clutter free. Another great way to do this is through shelves. Shelves offer small areas to store some of your extra items that you may want to display while keeping your bathroom countertops organized and clean.

One of the most unique ways to include storage is through recessed means. there are two main ways to do this. the first is through recessed shelves. Recessed shelves are just like other shelves, but just indented into the wall. This is great for saving space if you don't want to mount your shelves onto your wall. You can also do large recessed storage spaces. Storage units that are recessed into the wall can be some of the best ways utilize your empty wall space. Make sure your bathroom can accommodate this kind of storage before you start any renovations.

Bathroom Technology

Bathroom technology is rapidly growing and innovations are coming on to the bathroom scene daily. The incorporation of new tech in bathrooms increases the overall comfort of your bathroom experience. Some of these innovations include heated fixtures, such as towel bars as well as heated flooring to ensure that you get the most out of your bathroom. If you have the room, a waterproof television could be another great fixture to include in your bathroom while you are taking a bath or getting ready for the day.

Another very rewarding installment could be a sound system. There are a few ways to do this. First, you could install a speaker system in your bathroom, giving you a surround sound system. If you do this, make sure the speakers are bathroom friendly and positioned appropriately. You could also just decide to utilize a portable Bluetooth speaker. Many water resistant and waterproof speakers are on the market today, giving you plenty of options.


There are many ways to style the wall in your bathroom and one of the trendier ways to do this is with wallpaper. Wallpaper can give your bathroom design a beautiful color or design that you don’t have to paint on. Just like any other room in your house, wallpaper can be installed on every wall or just certain parts of the wall in order to accent certain parts of your bathroom. If you choose to incorporate wallpaper in your bathroom design, make sure splash proof wallpaper is what you get. This is due to water damage that can occur with regular wallpaper. However, in a properly ventilated bathroom, any type of wallpaper should work fine.

Towel Bars Attached To The Sink

One of the most unique bathroom trends of the year is attaching a towel bar to a sink. Often times a towel bar is attached to the wall, but many are finding that a towel bar attached to a sink is both more convenient and better looking. With a towel bars attached neatly to the side of your sink, you can put your hand towel in a very accessible spot, making washing your hands more comfortable and easy. If your sink is located next to your shower, you can also use the towel bar to hold your bath towel. Lastly, with bathrooms becoming smaller, this is one the best design elements to help you save space.

If you don't think you can do this, you should definitely have a towel bar in your bathroom elsewhere. it is essentially necessary to have a towel bar because of how important it really is.

Continuously Adjustable LED Lights

LED mirrors in magnifying mirrors are one of the most popular fixtures to include in a modern bathroom. LED lighting is always great for a bathroom design, so an adjustable light just adds to the benefit by giving you the ability to choose a light color that meets your preference. If you spend a decent amount of time at your vanity, like most people do, an adjustable LED lighted mirror could be just what you need to make your bathroom experience more comfortable.

Self-Adhesive Accessories

Self adhesive bathroom accessories are great for any bathroom design. With an easy installation method, these types of accessories can be installed by anyone. Self-adhesive accessories can be placed virtually anywhere on your wall, meaning you don’t necessarily need to look for studs or do any extra work. Just make sure your accessories are placed in reasonable locations. For example, make sure your towel bars are close to your shower. Self-adhesive bathroom accessories are definitely worth considering and are on the rise in many bathroom designs.

One of the most effective adhesive accessories is a towel bar. Sometimes towel bars can be a little tricky in terms of installation. Because towel bars are a necessity in every bathroom, an adhesive one will give you an easy installation and a quality fixture. This is one of the most efficient adhesive accessories by far. Consider an adhesive towel bar for your bathroom, and consider several other different accessories for that matter.

Sensor Faucets and Soap Dispensers

As bathroom design are continuing to evolve, hands free fixtures and accessories are starting to become more and more popular. Some of the most popular are faucets and soap dispensers. Sensor fixtures and accessories are great for both accessibility and cleanliness. As far as accessibility goes, sensors let you have quick and easy access to your faucet and soap dispensers. Keeping your bathroom clean should also be a priority, so the fact that you don’t need to touch them makes your bathroom naturally cleaner.

This is especially important to consider if you are worried about any diseases or the spread of germs. This is the reason why so many public restrooms incorporate sensor technology. The safer you can be, the more beneficial your bathrooms will be in terms of health and functionality. It is always important to keep everything sanitary, even if only one person is using it.