In 2019, there are a few bathroom trends you might want to avoid.


Bad Bathroom Trends

Not all bathroom designs are going to work. Having an appealing bathroom design is important as you move into 2019. As we start getting into the new year, it is time to go out with the old and in with the new to keep your bathroom design trendy, stylish and up to date. Bathroom trends are constantly changing, but some are just better off left alone. That being said, there are some trends that you are better off avoiding this year.

Thinking Too Big

We always hear the saying “bigger is better,” but let’s take a step back from that when it comes to bathrooms. Of course, if you have a bigger bathroom, it will allow for bigger fixtures. However, if you have a small to mid sized bathroom, a minimalist style is becoming more popular as well as more efficient. Bigger is not always better if you have to sacrifice space and comfort. Big fixtures are great if you have a bigger bathroom, but if you try to cram some bigger fixtures into a smaller bathroom area, you will only be met with cluttered space and an uncomfortable bathroom experience. Smaller fixtures can promote a conservative and spacious feel to your bathroom in an era where sharp and sleek designs are in style, especially in your smaller bathroom design.

Unnecessary Renovations

It is true that bathroom trends are constantly changing, but that doesn’t mean you have to panic to keep up with them. If you have a bathroom design that you like and holds up with the ever changing bathroom trends, you can keep your design and update it with small changes. Be careful not to go overboard just to not fall behind on bathroom trends. Large renovations can require a large amount time and money, so it is definitely something to think twice about before you do it. Renovations are encouraged to improve certain aspects of your bathroom, but the worst thing you can do to your bathroom is accidentally break something that you didn't even need to mess with in the first place.

Trouble With Small Spaces

Many houses have at least one small bathroom in addition to their larger or master bathroom. A small bathroom can experience a number of issues that are pretty unique to the small bathroom design. The main issue that small bathrooms face is the allocation of space. When dealing with the placement of fixtures in a small bathroom, it is important to be very resourceful and conservative. For example, if you can put a fixture such as a sink or a vanity in a corner of the room, it would save the most space. The most important thing for a bathroom is the amount of space available. You can be creative with storage to create space in your bathroom, including unique vanities, shelves and a number of different storage fixtures. Another great storage fixture is a medicine cabinet, which can work great in a small bathroom.