Pedestal Sinks

There are many different sink designs available to you. It might be hard when you are going through the process of purchasing a one for your bathroom design. One of the most beautiful and elegant sinks that you can use in your bathroom is the pedestal sink. Pedestal sinks are sinks that are quite literally placed upon a pedestal. This is instead of being mounted on a counter top or wall. This gives these particular sinks some unique advantages in a number of different bathroom sizes and designs.
Available in a number of different styles and sizes, pedestal sinks are great options for certain bathroom designs. These sinks usually come in either one or two parts. One part being is sink itself and the other part being the pedestal on which the sink is mounted. One thing that you should definitely consider is how the sink will fit into your bathroom design. Because pedestal sinks will take up a bit more space, you might have to make some arrangements. Ensure that you are giving enough attention to this specific aspect of your bathroom.
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Just like any other style of sink, pedestal sinks are available in a number of different styles. One of the most common bathroom design to incorporate a pedestal sink is a vintage bathroom design. Because pedestal sinks are some of the most classic sink styles, a vintage design will incorporate it perfectly. A stand alone sink with beautiful features and design elements will always shine in this particular bathroom design. You can also use a pedestal sink in a modern bathroom design. This is due to the common white and chrome finishes you will find on many designs. Those are just some of the many styles that can incorporate a pedestal sink. The versatility of both the designs and sizes you can find is very useful.
When it comes to pedestal sink design, you are limited in terms of how to actually implement your sink. However, you are given a variety of different possibilities. Pedestal sinks are quite versatile in the actual pedestal itself, coming in several different widths and heights. The pedestal can come in a number of different style in terms of width. This can range anywhere from a single metal bar to a wide ceramic stand. The style you choose will ultimately depend on your bathroom design as a whole. Therefore, this will take some careful consideration. Because design is so subjective, try to explore your options an find out which style will be the best for both your bathroom design as whole, as well as your personal preferences.


This is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration when thinking about incorporating a pedestal sink in your bathroom. Depending on the type of pedestal sink you have, you can have a number of different options as far as the creation of space goes. For example, you might have a traditional pedestal sink that stands on one central pillar. You have the freedom to place it essentially anywhere you want in your bathroom, assuming you have sufficient plumbing options. If you have a less traditional pedestal sink, you may have a sink that stands on any number of legs and could possibly even have shelves built into it. This will help create space by giving you a storage option while still having the freedom to place the sink in the most optimal place.
The main thing that you need to take into consideration is that a pedestal sink will essentially replace your vanity in many cases. Because a vanity is the main way to house your bathroom sink, a pedestal sink will probably be the replacement. You should definitely make sure that you have a proper amount of space for your pedestal sink. This will ensure you can build around it and implement a beautiful bathroom design.

The Importance of Space

One of the best aspects of a pedestal sink is the amount of space that they create. This is especially true when you decide to use one in your particular bathroom design. Because a pedestal sink is in many ways a substitute for your vanity, besides the storage elements, they will use the space that would otherwise be used by your vanity. The main difference between the two is that pedestal sinks will take up significantly less bathroom floor space than a typical floor mounted bathroom vanity.
This creates a number of different possibilities in terms of different storage options. For example, if you are struggling to find some additional storage space, think about incorporating some storage bins underneath your sink so that you can increase your effective storage space while simultaneously optimizing all of your bathroom space. Space is incredibly important because it a bathroom can sometimes struggle to house all of your necessary items effectively. You need to utilize every area of your bathroom in terms of space, to effectively store your items and create an open, comfortable and accessible environment.

Where It Works

Nowadays, you can find any sink design for essentially any bathroom design. When it comes to a pedestal sink, there are some bathroom design that can incorporate it extremely well and very effectively. The most popular design for this is a vintage bathroom design. A vintage bathroom design focuses on traditional and beautiful bathroom aspects in order to promote comfort and beauty. A pedestal sink is the embodiment of both of these aspects. The combination of beauty and accessibility makes a pedestal sink very attractive for this design.
Another great design for a pedestal sink is a modern bathroom design. Modern bathroom design focus on sleek features and conservation of space. This will make a perfect environment for a pedestal bathroom sink. The versatility of pedestal sinks should not be underestimated because more often than not, they will be very nice pieces to any given bathroom design. You should feel free to experiment with this because there is a very small chance that you actually make an error. A pedestal sink is so versatile, that you shouldn't worry about incorporating it in a design that you are unsure about.


This is always a point that is on your mind when you are trying to find your perfect bathroom sink. A pedestal sink, because it is more than just a sink, will typically cost a bit more than a regular bathroom sink. However, this shouldn't be something that deters you from considering a pedestal sink as a viable option for your bathroom. Because a sink plays such an integral part in your bathroom design, it deserves a sufficient amount of attention. The typical price of a good quality pedestal sink will be around $800 depending on the seller and the quality that you are looking for.
The most important thing to note is that price isn't always a good indicator of quality. Take your time to research the specific sink that you are looking at to ensure that it is the right sink for you. Don't think too much about rushing it or making a decision too quickly. A bathroom sink is a very important aspect of a bathroom design, so it is important that you take enough time to make a proper decision.

What To Look Out For

There are a few things to look out for when you are going through the process of purchasing your new pedestal sink. The first thing to take into account is if you need a vanity or not. Some people really enjoy the benefits of a bathroom vanity, so if you fall into that group, you should reconsider whether or not you should have one in your bathroom design or not. Another thing you should take into consideration is the design element. As previously mentioned, a pedestal sink is a beautiful option for almost every bathroom design, but it isn't for everybody. You should always have your bathroom design reflect your personal tastes and preferences, so this is something important that you should definitely take into consideration.
If you are on the edge about making this purchase, it might benefit you to take some time and think about whether or not it would be the most optimal thing for you to do in terms of design, cost and preferences. The purchasing process can often be frustrating and a bit tedious, so it is important that you do not stress yourself out.

In Conclusion

A pedestal sink is one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture that you can incorporate in your bathroom design. They have so many incredible benefits that can increase the comfort and quality of your bathroom. There are many things to take into consideration when going through the purchasing process, and sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming. Just like any other fixture, this is an important decision to make, so try to make it as simple as possible. When all is said and done, you should have a beautiful bathroom sink that ties your bathroom design together and brings a sense of comfort and beauty to your home.