Choose the right bathtub for your bathroom.


Including a Bathtub

Bathtubs are one of the first things you think of when you think of the essential fixtures for a bathroom design. In 2019 Bathtubs are becoming more of a spa fixture more than a casual addition to the bathroom. While some bathrooms incorporate a shower/bathtub mix, others include stand alone bathtubs. Alcove and freestanding bathtubs are the most common bathtubs you will find in a bathroom, but as previously mentioned, bathtubs are starting to become a luxury fixture in bathrooms everywhere. Depending on the design of your bathroom, you will be looking to include a bathtub with a design that meshes perfectly with the overall atmosphere of your bathroom.

Spa Bathtubs

If you want a good looking bathtub that can offer luxury and relaxation, consider getting a luxury bathtub. A luxury bathtub can be equipped with a number of features to enhance your comfort and overall bathroom experience. Features that you can incorporate in your bathtub include jets, electronic temperature adjustment, lights, armrests, headrests and a number of others. These kinds of bathtubs are usually free standing, built in to the ground, or mounted in a fixed position in some other way. These kinds of bathtubs are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. If you are looking to incorporate this bathtub as a part of your currently existing spa bathroom will be an incredibly rewarding addition. Comfort is a top priority in a luxury bathroom, so choose your perfect spa bathtub.

Free Standing Vs. Alcove

Bathtubs generally come in two forms, free standing or alcove. A freestanding bathtub can be placed in many places, given there is sufficient plumbing accessibility for the bathtub. Freestanding bathtubs are also much more versatile when it comes to design as well. Because alcove bathtubs are essentially attached to the wall, they do not have as much freedom to be unique and design oriented. Alcove bathtubs are adjacent to the wall and can easily incorporate a shower. Both of these kinds of bathtubs can be beautiful additions to your bathroom if you have the space to include them. Free standing bathtubs are versatile in terms of design and style, while alcove bathtubs are a little more restrictive.


The color of your bathtub should fit in well with both your personal preferences as well as the overall design of your bathroom. The most common color for a bathtub is white, the most traditional color. Depending on the material your bathtub can be made out of, more colors include gray, black or brown. Some acrylic bathtubs can even be red, blue or yellow to add a color pop to your bathroom. Alcove bathtubs are typically white, but freestanding bathtubs, being more design and style centric, can be commonly found in a number of different beautiful colors. This is a very important aspect if you are looking for a luxury bathtub to include in your already beautiful bathroom design.


When looking to buy a bathtub, you want to look at both the quality and the ease of maintenance of the tub. The level of difficulty it takes to clean and maintain your bathtub is important, especially if you are thinking of getting a luxury spa bathtub. A clean bathtub is extremely important for the comfort and aesthetic appeal.