A bathroom vanity is one of the essential fixtures in order to have a complete bathroom design. A vanity is used for a number of different things including counter space, sink placement and one of the most important aspects being storage. Many items can be stored in vanities depending on the size and type of vanity you have. All bathroom vanities either have drawers or cabinets, both of which have their benefits. This guide will highlight the pros and cons of both types and some tips on which one you might want for your bathroom.

The Purpose of Bathroom Vanity Cabinets & Bathroom Vanity Doors

  • Storage - Both cabinets and doors are essential for efficient bathroom vanity storage. Both offer their own pros and cons, so it is important to choose the method that will work the most effectively in your bathroom design.
  • Design - Cabinets and doors can affect the design of your vanity as well as your overall bathroom design. Design is something to carefully consider in your bathroom vanity.
  • Convenience - Depending on your preferences, cabinets and drawers will offer different convenience levels. Your bathroom design might work better in terms of convenience depending on what your vanity uses.
  • Personal Preferences - You want to choose a vanity design that you personally like. Cabinets and drawers are both fantastic options, so choose what you like the best in your specific design.

Bathroom Vanity Drawers

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Vanities with drawers come with a set of unique benefits. For example, with drawers, you will have an easier time organizing your bathroom items. This can come in handy if you are having trouble with storing items on your counter top or on shelves. Another feature that drawers offer is the ability to pull them straight out. This is another reason why drawers are perfect for space conservation and creation. With multiple drawers in one vanity, neatly storing and organizing your bathroom items and toiletries becomes much easier and accessible.

Bathroom Vanity Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers are another great aspect of organization. There are several ways to go about this. As designs improve, many vanities come equipped with a built in drawer divider. This is a great feature to have because you won't have to buy or make your own. These dividers are typically durable enough to last for an extended period of time. Oftentimes, they can be removed as well. If you don't want your divider in the drawer for some reason, make sure you choose a vanity with a removable divider.

There are always the options of buying a separate divider or making your own. If you are a fan of DIY projects, this could be a fun project for you. They are simple to make and you can customize it to your liking.
If you would rather get a pre-made divider, you will absolutely be able to find one that is compatible with your vanity. There are many different dividers made to fit a variety of different vanity drawers. If you plan on including large items in your drawers, dividers might not be a good idea. Most of the time, a drawer dividers will help you find your smaller and bathroom accessories items with ease. Because dividers are used for organizing your smaller vanity accessories and toiletries, this is something to note.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

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Cabinets are another method as to which vanities incorporate storage capabilities. They are great for storing items due to the amount of space that they offer. Two things to remember about cabinets is that they usually have doors that swing out and they can store larger items than drawers can. Doors that swing out aren’t typically a problem at all, but if you don’t prefer doors, a drawer vanity may be the way for you to go. If you are having trouble storing things like toilet paper, paper towels or other larger items, a vanity with cabinet may be the choice for you.

Instead of having dividers like drawers, cabinets can utilize other features. For example, cabinets can open to reveal a series of shelves. This is one of the best ways to incorporate storage space with an element of organization in a vanity. Shelves will allow you to organize every item by level, making them very easy to access. Think of them as drawer dividers but with increased storage space. If you aren't happy with the number of shelves that come with the vanity, you will most likely be able to remove or add some. Unless they are fixed onto the vanity, many vanities will allow for interchangeable parts.
You will also be able to store larger items in a cabinet with shelves. This is one of the most attractive things about vanities with cabinets. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to store some of your larger items, so this is a great aspect. If you fit into that category, it is strongly advised that you consider a vanity with cabinets and possibly shelves.

Storage in Your Vanity is Important

One of the most telling features as to how much storage space is available is the actual size of the vanity. This is an important aspect to consider for any vanity purchase you make. The size of your vanity will be dependent on the size of your bathroom mainly. For example, a small bathroom won't be able to accommodate a large vanity simply because of space. You need that space in order to utilize your other necessary fixtures. On the other hand, you don't want a tiny vanity for your large bathroom. Large vanities in large bathrooms will take up the right amount of space, while giving your bathroom enough open floor space.

It is just as important to fill the space in your bathroom as it is to keep some open areas. Find a good middle ground between the two and you will have a comfortable bathroom design. Choose a vanity that you like with a reasonable size. If you do this, you will have less trouble with incorporating the surrounding bathroom fixtures.

Storage Elements to Look For

One of the most important things you should look at is whether the vanity is wall mounted or freestanding. Wall mounted vanities will typically benefit a bit more from drawers but they can absolutely utilize cabinets as well. Drawers are great in small wall mounted vanities due to how easy it is to incorporate them. they are easy to pull out, easy to close and simple in design. Doors are also better in smaller vanities because of the space they save. Doors need to swing out, causing them to take up a bit more space than drawers. This is something to consider if you do have a smaller bathroom.

Another thing to take note of is what fixtures you have next to your vanity. Depending on your layout, this may vary. Most bathrooms have a toilet next to their vanity. If this is your design, drawers or cabinets can both work, but consider the surrounding area. Make sure you have enough room to open your drawers and cabinets. The last thing you want to do if you have a poor layout that limits the accessibility of your vanity.

How to Properly Organize Your Vanity Area

Sometimes one of the best things you can do for vanity organization is to simply keep it clear. A clear area is much better at staying healthy and clean. One downside of this, which is fairly big, is that you won't have immediate access to your accessories. This is something that will come down to personal preference. If you don't mind reaching into your vanity for all of your accessories and toiletries, this might be something for you to try. You do have to remember that it will be a bit inconvenient. You should only do this if you value a completely clear counter space over any other aspect.

Another option available to you is the incorporation of shelves. Shelves can be used in a multitude of different ways that can open up the space on and in your vanity. For example, you can incorporate a low shelf that is within arm's reach. This will allow you to put the accessories that were on your vanity onto your shelf. Shelves will allow you to open up the space on your counter while giving you easy access to your accessories. In addition to that, shelves are beautiful fixtures in and of themselves. You can find a plethora of different designs and styles to perfectly match your overall bathroom design.

Keep Your Vanity Clean

One of the most important things to remember for an organized vanity area, is to keep it clean. A clean vanity will be a healthy and comfortable place to be at all times. There are a few different ways that you can do this to ensure cleanliness on any given day. First, make sure you are wiping down your vanity regularly. This will not only keep the area clean, but it will also extend the lifespan of the vanity. Often times, there is soap or toothpaste that gets onto the surface of your vanity. take care of this issue by wiping down your surface after every use. This is a very quick process and it will likely take less than a minute to do. Keep some cleaning material at the ready so you can do this regularly.

Importance of Bathroom Vanity Placement

One of the most important things to consider is where you should place your vanity. Your vanity is an integral part of a bathroom design, so this is an essential issue to take care of. It is ultimately up to you as far as where you want to place your vanity, as long as you are comfortable with it. If you have a smaller bathroom, you might want to consider a corner vanity. This type of vanity is great for saving space while giving you a great vanity for a small design.

If you have a larger bathroom, you will be able to incorporate a much larger vanity. In addition to that, you will have much more freedom as to where you can place your vanity. You will have more wall space and you still always have the option to utilize the corners of your bathroom. One thing you need to keep in mind is how your cabinets will go with your vanity in terms of placement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are drawers or doors better?
A: It depends on your personal preferences as well as what works best in your bathroom. Doors will open outwards so if you don’t have room, consider drawers instead. Drawers are better for smaller spaces, so keep that in mind.

Q: Is there a difference in price?
A: There are no significant differences in price between drawers and cabinets. Additional drawer units and cabinets will add to the price of the vanity. However, as far as the vanity goes, there is no real difference in the price.

Q: What are soft close drawers and cabinets?
A: Soft close drawers and cabinets have technology that allows for soft and silent closing of the storage method. This is great for any vanity due to how much it will protect the vanity while being perfect for functionality.

Q: Should I get a matching mirror for my vanity?
A: Every vanity should have a matching mirror. For example, your mirror should be the same width as your vanity. Choose a frame that is the same finish or material as your bathroom vanity to create a sense of cohesiveness and uniformity.

Q: Do I need a bathroom vanity?
A: Bathroom vanities are not absolutely necessary, but they are incredibly useful. The storage element and beauty of a bathroom vanity should not be understated and should also be on the top of your list when it comes to bathroom fixtures.

Q: Are wall mounted vanities better for storage?
A: Both wall mounted vanities and floor mounted vanities are great for storage. It will ultimately depend on the size of the actual vanity, not the installation method. Wall mounted vanities will have a bit more space underneath of them for additional items however.