Glass vessel sinks are beautiful pieces for your bathroom.

Glass Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are beautiful sinks to add to your bathroom design. If you are going for a high quality and comfortable bathroom, you should definitely have this on your list of considerations. Glass vessel sinks are one of the most classy and visually appealing ways to incorporate this particular type of sink into your bathroom. Glass fixtures convey a feeling of luxury, making them perfect for a luxury bathroom design.

Vanity Combinations

Glass vessel sinks can pair beautifully with a number of different vanity styles. Almost any type of vanity can hold a vessel sink, but not all of them will work perfectly. First you need to make sure that the vanity that you are considering is a sufficient size to hold the sink. Vessel sinks do require a bit more space than most sinks due to the fact that they are not built into the vanity like some other sinks and they cannot be mounted directly onto the wall like a traditional wall mounted sink.
Almost any vanity combination can work however. Whether it is a floor standing vanity or a wall mounted vanity, if the size is large enough, anything should work. When it comes down to it, you really just want to make sure that you are choosing the combination that you think looks and feels the best. Because a glass vessel sink is such a beautiful and luxurious feature, you should make sure you are doing what is best for your bathroom design.

Glass and Crystal

Your glass vessel sink can come in a variety of different styles in order to complement your vanity. With cut crystal, many different sink designs and patterns are possible, giving you a great opportunity to experiment with different designs to achieve your perfect glass vessel sink. Your glass vessel sink will be a focal point in your bathroom whether you go with a solid and smooth glass design or a beautifully cut crystal design. Whether your sink is smooth glass or cut crystal, you will find very soon that you are enjoying how beautiful your sink is for your bathroom design.
When it comes to crystal, there are many different designs that you can choose from. Crystal sinks are incredibly beautiful because of this. You can get a simple design with a few cuts. In contrast you can get an amazingly intricate design that will allow you to display a beautiful design element in your bathroom. Both of these designs have their own strengths, and fit into their own designs. Depending on the intricacy of the sink, you will need to explore your options to find the best one for you.
On the other hand, you could get a smooth glass sink. These sinks are extremely versatile and incorporate a beautiful element into your design. Sometimes, all you need is a smooth and simple sink to complete a luxury bathroom design. You should consider all of these designs if you want a glass sink in your bathroom.

Sink Sizes

The size of your sink will mainly depend upon two factors. First of all, you need to know the size of your vanity. A vanity will ultimately dictate the size of the sink that you can put on it. If you have a large vanity, expect to be able to put a large sink on it. If you have a small vanity, you will only be able to use small sinks. The sink is only as big as the vanity allows it to be. Depending on the type of vessel sink that you get, you might be able to adjust this a bit. For example, if your sink is shaped like a bowl, you can work with a smaller vanity while incorporating a sink that is a bit larger. If your sink is more like a box, you can only go as big as your vanity will allow. This is something to consider when purchasing your vessel sink.
The other factor that you need to consider is your personal preferences. Most of the time it will come to this. The design that you want personally will be the most important aspect to take into consideration. Personal comfort is important, so this is something that you need to consider. If you would prefer to have extra space in your bathroom sink, consider incorporating a large bathroom sink. This will give you more room to do what you need to do. If you do not think you really need a large sink, just get a smaller one. If you just want to focus on smaller fixtures and a minimalist design, this is something for you to consider.

Complements for Your Sink

In addition to a beautiful bathroom sink, you should have accessories to complement it. Accessories are some of the most important elements to bathroom design. They can come in a variety of different forms, all with different and unique functions that can help the quality of your bathroom design. First of all, decide on a beautiful design to complement your glass vessel sink. There are many options to consider here. One of the easiest options is to include a set of crystal accessories. A beautiful set of a crystal soap dish, soap dispenser and toothbrush holder can serve as incredible complements to the sink.
You can also go with some chrome or other metallic finish accessories. The shine of the metallic finish will be a great accent for the body of the glass sink. You can even decide to utilize a gold finish on some crystal accessories. This will give you a great combination to work with in the rest of your bathroom environment. Gold is one of the best finishes to pair with your glass elements. The two work beautifully together and should be something to consider when planning your vanity area.
One of the most popular finishes for bathroom accessories is matte black and white. These two colors work incredibly well with crystal and glass vessel sinks. If you have all of your accessories using a white or black matte finish, you will get some beautiful accents for your glass sink and your vanity area. There are other designs for accessories as well, so it is important to find something that works for you.

Faucet Pairings

In order to have a beautiful and complete bathroom design, you need a great faucet to pair with your glass vessel sink. There are several ways to go in this regard. One of the best types of faucets to pair with any type of vessel sink is a wall mounted faucet. Wall mounted faucets come with a number of benefits that can build the quality of your bathroom design. For example, a wall mounted faucet will help save space on your counter while showing off a beautiful design. Saving space is important for the comfort of your vanity area while making it easier for you to use your sink. A wall mounted faucet can also be mounted at a comfortable height. The only issue you may face is that the faucet plumbing will be installed behind the wall. Make sure you are prepared for this installation process. Contact a professional if you need any help with this process.
You can also decide that a deck mounted faucet will be the best option for you. A deck mounted faucet can be mounted fairly easily. It can be mounted either on your sink or on your countertop, making it versatile as well. Your sink needs to have faucet holes in order to have a faucet mounted on it. A sink will generally have one to three holes to accommodate a number of various different faucets. If you need more holes, you should probably contact a professional to do so, unless you are trained in this practice. The same can be said if you need holes drilled into your countertop. Deck mounted faucets can have one or two levers to adjust the water pressure and temperature, making them a great choice for any bathroom design.

Faucet Finishes

In addition to the type of faucet that you need, you also need to pick the finish. This will tie the whole entire sink and vanity area together. Similar to complementary accessories, there are many finishes that can go with a glass vessel sink. Chrome and gold are great pairings due to the high quality and luxury looking finish. Chrome is extremely versatile and gold is one of the most beautiful colors for a bathroom. You can also go with a brushed nickel faucet to give your sink a very professional looking design. Matte finishes are also popular with black being one of the best colors to utilize it.
This will ultimately come down to your personal preference as well as the rest of your bathroom design. If your other accessories are chrome, consider using a chrome faucet. The same can be said for any other finish in your bathroom design. When all is said and done, you will have a great glass vessel sink with multiple beautiful accessories to complement it.