Thin edged bathroom sinks offer a sense of style and elegance to a bathroom design. Because they are so attractive, the inclusion of a thin edged bathroom sink has become a great bathroom trend. Although the edges of the sink are thin, this type of bathroom sink is very durable and a great fixture for the longevity of the bathroom. The combination of the beautiful design and reliability of the sink makes it one of the most desirable types of sinks on the market today.

Thin Edges

Design Trend: Thin Edged Bathroom Sinks
Design Trend: Thin Edged Bathroom Sinks

The most noticeable feature of this type of bathroom sink is the thin edges. The thin edges of this sink are elegant and beautiful aspects of the design. They can make this sink stand out as a great focal point for a bathroom vanity. The thin edge design works well in many modern bathrooms. However, they can be used in a plethora of different bathroom designs. Thin edged bathroom sinks are great when used as vessel sinks, especially because of the way they can be presented. This is an incredible new design for this bathroom sink element to consider because it brings a unique style to the area.

Thin Edged Vessel Bathroom Sinks

As previously mentioned, one of the best types of sinks to have thin edges is the vessel bathroom sink. A thin edged vessel bathroom sink will sit beautifully on top of a bathroom vanity. This is a great type of sink for a bathroom that wants to combine both decor and function. In addition to the thin edges of the sink, thin edged vessel bathroom sinks can also include various different elements of design. For example, many different colors and depth can be used in order to create several elegant sink styles. Pair a thin edged vessel bathroom sink with an elegant faucet in order to establish and comfortable bathroom vanity design.

Thin Edged Wall Mounted Bathroom Sinks

If you need to open the space in your bathroom design, a thin edged wall mounted bathroom sink might be exactly what you need. Because it is mounted on the wall, it will deliver a beautiful aspect of space creation and style to the area. In addition, the slim edges of the sink will be great for wall space as well. Wall mounted bathroom sinks are great for small bathrooms that focus on modern features and comfortable access to their fixtures. Thin edged bathroom sinks are perfect options for large bathrooms as well. Consider a thin edged trough bathroom sink for bigger spaces that may be used by multiple people.

Common Shapes of Thin Edged Bathroom Sinks

  • Rectangle - Rectangular thin edged bathroom sinks are some of the most common. This is due to the versatility they offer as well as the simple design. Rectangular thin edged bathroom sinks are also great when used as larger sinks, especially if used in a bathroom for multiple people at once.
  • Circle - Circular thin edged bathroom sinks are elegant options that can be used in essentially any design. The circular shape is simple, yet incredibly beautiful when paired with other soft fixtures and accessories.
  • Square - Much like a rectangular sink, a square thin edged sink will be a great addition to a modern design, due to the sleek style elements. However, they will generally be a bit smaller due to the shape. These should be used as single sinks to maximize efficiency.
  • Oval - Oval thin edged bathroom sinks are on the rise in terms of popular bathroom trends. Egg shaped sink and standard oval sinks are very desirable in many bathrooms today.

Thin Edges With Large Basins

While these bathroom sinks may seem standard, they offer some great design benefits to your bathroom sink or vanity area. First of all, the thin edges are unique in and of themselves. They offer a minimalist take to the standard bathroom sink design. In addition, they make a sink versatile in terms of what types of themes it can fit in. Along with the thin edges, many of these sinks have large basins. This is thanks to the combination of the thin edges and size of the sink itself. The thin edges make the basin slightly larger than a traditional sink of the same dimensions. This is something to consider if you are especially worried about saving every inch of space in your bathroom and opening up the area as much as possible.


Although the edges are thin, this does not necessarily mean that the sink will be small or shallow. Much like other types of bathroom sink design, thin edges bathroom sinks can range widely in both the size and depth. Thin edges can be paired with a shallow basin in order to create a beautifully minimalist bathroom sink that radiates elegance and quality. Conversely, a deeper basin is incredibly attractive for various different situations or personal preferences.

The depth of a thin edged bathroom sink is important depending on what you plan on using the sink for. In a bathroom, you should be looking for a bathroom sink that has a depth of around five to eight inches. This will give you enough depth to comfortably perform bathroom routines while limiting the splashing of water or other possible messes. The depth could range however, being shallower or deeper, depending on the type of thin edged bathroom sink you want.


When it comes to thin edged bathroom sinks, the length is one of the aspects that can make it stand out from other sink designs. Because the edges of the sink are thin, it makes the sink appear longer than a sink that has the same overall length. As mentioned before, this also makes the basin of the sink larger. Although it may not be a huge difference, this could increase the basin length of the sink by up to two inches.

The length of a bathroom sink is important for several reasons. The first is the number of people a sink can accommodate. Longer bathroom sinks can be used by two people at once, if the sink has two faucets. These thin edged bathroom sinks will need to have length of at least 60 inches to comfortably accommodate two people. Secondly, thin edged bathroom sinks can also have two basins. This is one of the most important elements of design in order to accommodate multiple people. In addition, you could simply get a large thin edged bathroom sink for a single person, maximizing on basin space.