How to Install a Towel Bar

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A towel bar will generally be installed using one of two different methods. First, there is a traditional hardware installation. This installation method will require a small set of tools as well as the mounting hardware itself. The mounting hardware will usually come packaged with the towel bar itself. A hardware installation method is the most common type of installation, and also very sturdy. The second method of installation is a self-adhesive installation. This is a quick and easy installation method that can be done by anybody in a matter of minutes. In addition, there is almost no risk of damaging the surface on which it will be mounted. No matter what installation method you choose, it is important to make sure the installation is done correctly.

How to Install a Towel Bar How to Install a Towel Bar

Step by Step Instructions for Installing a Drill-In Towel Bar:

  • Determine where your towel bar will be installed. The standard towel bar height is 48” above the ground. It is recommended you install your drill-in towel bar on a stud, but not required. If you’re not using a stud, you will need wall anchors.
  • Make the proper measurements. Measure the length of the towel bar from end to end, mark the desired mounting height, and make marks on the mounting location with a pencil to serve as guidelines.
  • Drill the holes pilot holes into the wall using your mounting bracket as a guide. Make sure the holes are level before moving to the next step.
  • Attach wall anchors by driving them in with a hammer if using them, then attach the mounting bracket with screws.
  • Attach the bar holders to the wall by sliding them onto the installed bracket. If your towel bar is one piece, install both at the same time. If the bar is separate from the holders, install one holder, then the bar, then the next holder.

Step by Step Instructions for Installing a Self-Adhesive Towel Bar:

  • Choose a mounting location for your towel bar. The standard height of a towel bar is 48” from the floor.
  • Clean the surface thoroughly in order to ensure the self-adhesive will attach firmly to the surface.
  • Mark the mounting location with a pencil and a level, allowing you to install the self-adhesive towel bar properly and evenly.
  • Remove the protective strip from the self-adhesive strip on the towel bar. Press the towel bar firmly on the marked location for at least 30 seconds.
  • Depending on the strength of the adhesive, let the towel bar sit for up to 4 hours before use.

How to Install a Towel Bar on a Shower Door:

  • Clean the shower door to prepare for installation. The surface should be dry and clear of debris. Mark the mounting location with a level and some type of non-permanent marking tool.
  • If installing a self-adhesive towel bar to your shower bar, refer to the step by step instructions for installing a self-adhesive towel bar above and continue your installation. If installing a towel bar with mounting hardware continue with the following steps.
  • Holes will need to be drilled in your shower door on the marked areas. This will require a carbide drill bit of the proper size that is designed for drilling into glass. Start with a low RPM until the bit gets a foothold, then proceed with a faster RPM to complete the hole.
  • Inside the shower door, place one anchor into one of the drilled holes. Make sure the washers and insulators are in between the metal and the glass.
  • On the outside of the shower door, screw in the bar holder by hand. Apply a small amount of silicone to the bar holder and slide the bar on to the bar holder.
  • Place the other anchor inside the shower door, lining up with the other anchor. Slide the bar into the newly placed anchor. Screw the anchor to the shower door with your hand to ensure the towel bar is firmly in place.

Things to Remember About Towel Bar Installation:

  • Make sure the surface on which the towel bar will be installed is wiped clean before the installation. This will help ensure a sturdy and secure installation and a reliable towel bar.
  • Both hardware installations and self-adhesive installations are very reliable. The choice between the two will come down to personal preference along with any possible mounting limitations you may run into.
  • Use the mounting hardware provided with the towel bar. This hardware will always be the most effective, designed specifically to mount the towel bar it is packaged with.
  • Mark where the towel bar will be installed before actually installing it. This will ensure the towel bar is mounted evenly and correctly the first time.
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