Importance of Bathroom Vanity Lighting
Bathroom vanity lighting is one of the best elements of a bathroom vanity area. Every bathroom design should have a bathroom vanity with good lighting in order to create a comfortable environment. Bathroom vanity lighting is one of the most important elements of your bathroom, especially in the vanity area where you will be spending a vast amount of time. Bathroom vanity lighting can come in a number of different forms, and this guide will go over each of the best solutions for your bathroom design.
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Types of Bathroom Vanity Lighting

The lighting for your bathroom vanity is available in a variety of different forms. Below is a list of some of the best options to consider for your bathroom vanity area.


Spotlights can be very useful in terms of both the comfort and design of a bathroom vanity area. They can be used above your vanity on either the wall or ceiling, depending on your preferences or design needs. Consider spotlights for your bathroom vanity area for a unique approach to your bathroom design.

Track Lights

Track lights are similar to spotlights in many ways, except for how they can be positioned. They are mounted on a track that gives them the ability to be positioned in a more flexible manner than other types of bathroom vanity lighting. Similarly to regular spotlights, track lights can be mounted on the ceiling or the wall directly above your bathroom vanity mirror.


If your bathroom vanity area has a great amount of unused countertop space, a lamp could be a very effective type of bathroom vanity lighting. Lamps are very useful and can be put anywhere there is space. If your area struggles with space, consider a different type of lighting in order to keep your bathroom vanity as open as possible.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is one of the most elegant lighting styles that you can use in a bathroom design. This type of lighting can be used on the ceiling, but recessed wall lighting is also an option. A ceiling installation will be the best type of installation because it allows for the most comfortable and relaxing area.


For a beautiful and extremely elegant lighting fixture for your bathroom vanity, consider a chandelier. Chandeliers can come in a plethora of different designs composed of various materials. Whether you want a minimalist chandelier or a chandelier, there is going to be one for your specific design. Remember, chandeliers do not always have to be magnificent centerpieces and can fit into many different situations.

Mirror Lights

Perhaps one of the most common types of bathroom vanity lighting is mirror lighting. Bathroom mirror lighting is best when LED lights are used, offering two elements of a vanity area in one fixture. Mirror lights are very useful. Especially in small bathrooms. However, they should be used in any bathroom design. Consider a lighted bathroom mirror. Do this even if you have lighting in your bathroom.

Why Bathroom Vanity Light is Important to Any Bathroom Design

  • Increased Visibility - Sufficient lighting is important for the overall visibility of your bathroom design. With increased visibility, comes comfort and accessibility to make the bathroom environment much easier to use.
  • Warmer Environment - Light helps you feel much more comfortable in your bathroom. Both natural light and artificial light can help with this in their own unique ways.
  • Natural Light - The incorporation of natural light helps with both cost efficiency and lighting the room. Natural light is definitely recommended if it is possible in your unique bathroom design.
  • Artificial Light - Every bathroom should have some type of artificial light. This type of lighting can come in hundreds of different forms, giving you plenty of different bulbs and fixtures to choose from.
  • Convenience - Lighting makes every element of your bathroom easy to use. Light allows you to see where you are going and access each one of your fixtures and accessories with ease.

LED Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

Lighted bathroom mirrors are great bathroom light fixtures that use two things into one. The combination of a mirror and LED lighting gives you a unique way to save space. It will add a sleek design aspect to your bathroom. Lighted mirrors can come in several different shapes, mainly rounded and rectangular shapes as well. LED lighting is also used in many types of counter top mirrors, most commonly in the form of magnifying mirrors.
LED lighting provides an option for lighting in your bathroom, saving you money along the way. These mirrors are highly recommended for any bathroom lighting plans that can use them. The best thing about these types of mirrors is how versatile they are. They are able to be implemented in any bathroom design. High quality LED lighted wall mirrors will cost around $1,000 depending several things. Materials used and other similar aspects of these bathroom light fixtures are important.
Try a wall mounted LED lighted mirror. These mirrors are great bathroom light fixtures. The LED lighting gives you a clear and clean image in your mirror. They are similar to a magnifying mirror. The main difference between a wall mirror and magnifying mirror is that the wall mirror is much bigger. It also doesn't have magnification and has more lighting capabilities. Both of these styles benefit your bathroom in their own unique ways. Wall mirrors are perfect vanity lights for a great bathroom lighting solution.
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Dimmable Light Fixtures

One of the best improvements to your bathroom lighting is through the use of dimmer switches. The ability to brighten or dim your bathroom lighting can completely change the area to give you a variety of different moods and tones. They are easy to install as well, being quite similar to a normal light switch. You can incorporate this feature in all of your light fixtures or just a few. If you do use dimmer switches, one of the best ways to do so is through your ceiling lights. This gives you the ability to control the exact amount of light in your bathroom.
You can also find some very beautiful and affordable stand alone lighting fixtures that will allow you to incorporate some single adjustable lighting. This will give you the best in terms of the mood you want to set. It also gives you the perfect amount of light you want in your bathroom at any given time. Dimmer switches are also quite affordable, and can be installed fairly easily if you know what you are doing. You also need to have the correct types of light bulbs for dimmer switches. Many light bulbs are compatible, such as LED, fluorescent, halogen and incandescent bulbs, so it should be fairly easy to find the bulbs that will work best for you.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting For Small Bathrooms

In a small bathroom, bathroom vanity lighting is extremely important. Because the area will be smaller, lighting should be used as well as possible. One of the best options will be a lighted bathroom mirror. This combines your lighting and your bathroom mirror into one efficient fixture that will help you save space in your design. LED lights are used in these bathroom mirrors, which also makes them very energy efficient. You should also consider some recessed lighting. This will open up your bathroom space ever so slightly, while adding a minimal element of design to your small bathroom space.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting for Large Bathrooms

Larger bathrooms will be able to use a much wider variety of bathroom vanity lighting solutions. For example, large bathrooms can often have large bathroom vanities. Every option that you consider for a small bathroom can be used in a large bathroom as well. However, in larger bathrooms, you can consider more stand alone bathroom vanity lighting such as lamps or chandeliers. Larger bathroom vanity lighting options will not only light up your bathroom vanity area, but your entire bathroom as a whole.

Natural Lighting for a Bathroom Vanity

The incorporation of natural light in any aspect of your home is very important for a healthy living experience. Natural light gives you a connection to the outdoors while saving you money in the process. There are two main ways to go about this. The easiest way is through the use of windows. If your bathroom already has a window, make sure that you have proper curtains for it. Make sure that you let the light through whenever you can. Consider using frosted glass instead of clear glass. This will still allow the flow of natural light while giving you the privacy you need.
Another way to use natural light is a little harder to do, but very effective and rewarding. Skylights will give you the same effect as windows, but with much more privacy and potentially much more light. If your home will allow you to incorporate skylights, you should consider it as a great chance. These are the most common ways of including natural light in your home. Do what you can to make your bathroom benefit from it. Natural lighting is proven to have multiple different health benefits. You should pursue this method if you can.
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