Why Neutral Colors Are Important

Neutral colors are typically used in every bathroom design. White and black are common and effective, which are the two most popular neutral colors utilized. With that being said, this is why they are so common. They go well with essentially any color because they serve as a canvas for all of the other colors and features of your design. If you are designing your bathroom for the first time or renovating your existing one, this is definitely something that you need to have in mind. This guide will help you understand and decide how colors work with each other. Find out how you can implement them into your bathroom design.

The Best Neutral Colors

In most bathroom designs, you can find some variant of a neutral color, such as black or white to name the two most commonly used. Neutral colors are great in bathrooms because of the versatility they can offer in a bathroom design, especially when it comes to highlighting the bolder and brighter aspects of the design. If you want to highlight the bolder parts of your bathroom, it is suggested that you use white in the majority of your bathroom. This will bring out the best of your bold accents. You can definitely do the opposite as well. If you prefer a darker environment, you should go with darker tones, preferably black with subtle white accents.
If you want a lighter environment, do the opposite. Both of these color schemes can work in a bathroom design, depending on the other aspects of your home. If your home is a bright or vibrant design, you should consider going with a brighter bathroom design. Another color that can fit into the neutral color category is gray. Gray isn't quite as versatile as black or white, but it can still work wonderfully if paired with the right colors. Gray can work well with black or white, so that is something to consider as well.

Bold Accents

A bold accent might sound a little vague, so here is a little explanation. A bold accent will make a statement in a bathroom design. Being bold means that you know it's there. A bold accent will help highlight the beauty of your other fixtures as well. There are a variety of ways to incorporate bold accents in your bathroom, but the best way to do so is through the use of colors. It is already established that you would use black or white as your neutral base, so once you figure out which color you want, find the colors that will go well with it. If you choose white, the possibilities are vast as to which colors you can effectively implement. If you choose black, you will have to stay on the lighter side for the accents you want to incorporate. For example, if your bathroom walls are black, white or yellow fixtures/accessories will serve as beautiful contrasts.


Neutral colors can be implemented in essentially any area of your bathroom, but some places will work better than others. However, there is one color that will work everywhere in your bathroom beautifully, and that color is white. When it comes to the color white, take any fixture, accessory or area of your bathroom and you can throw it in there. Whether it be a bathroom sink, bathtub, soap dispenser or essentially any other aspect of your design, white will absolutely work. One thing that you should be careful of is using too much white. If your bathroom is all white in every area, be careful. You can easily get a bit too overwhelmed with brightness and the saturation of white. If you take this into consideration, white will serve to improve the overall design of your bathroom. In the end, you want to make it a beautiful place to be.

Colors That Work With White

Because white is so versatile, there are many colors that go along with it to create beautiful combinations. When you are combining colors take your preferences and desired designs into account first. If you want a brighter bathroom, try utilizing colors such as yellow orange or red. These are the most used warm colors that are typically seen in more welcoming and upbeat bathroom designs. If you want a cooler or more relaxed bathroom, try using some darker tones. This doesn't mean that you need to use the darkest possible tones however. For example, try using darker greens, blues or purples to help your bathroom encapsulate a mellow mood. Color is an important aspect of a bathroom design, especially when you are trying to find a good combination with white. Again, white is incredibly versatile. Feel free to explore your options and plan out some possible color combinations that will work beautifully for you.

Colors That Work With Black

Black is not quite as common as white, but it is still an extremely common color in terms of all colors in general. As mentioned before, a very effective color that you can use is white. White is very common in fixtures, so this will be very easy and effective if you aren't too sure about how you want to color your bathroom. White will give you the perfect color contrast that will work every time. If you want to go for a different approach, there are other colors that can make a statement when paired with black. For example, yellow can be one of the most effective colors in many different areas. This can be as simple as a yellow mirror frame of a yellow hand towel.
If you want to go a little bigger, try a yellow vanity. Another color that can be used very well is red. Red can be a beautiful way to create a sleek design that exemplifies the luxury and thought that you put into your design. Implement it in the most used areas of your bathroom, such as sinks or a bathtub. Darker colors won't work quite as well with black as they do with white because they don't create quite enough contrast. you need to have some kind of color contrast that creates bold statements in order to form a unique and beautiful color scheme.

How To Use Accents

Accents can be used in a number of ways. If you simply want subtle accents, try using window or floor trims or smaller accessories, such as toothbrush holders. If you want to go a little bigger, your larger fixtures such as your sink or vanity are great ways to create a beautiful contrast. Sometimes it can be as easy as incorporating some towels or small accessories that add a small flare of color. Incorporate some of your favorite colors to add some personality to your bathroom design. You can also just simply add some bold colors that mesh well with your bathroom design. A majority of your bathroom should remain in a neutral state in order to make your accents stand out and not be overcrowded with other accents.

How To Use Accents

One of the best things that bold accents do is attract attention to areas of the room that might not usually get it. Accents are used to make the bigger and more prominent aspect more aesthetically pleasing or apparent. With that being said, you should try to make the accents beautiful in and of themselves. Bold colors will help both your accessories and main fixtures stand out and make a statement. One of the most important things to consider is that you should prioritize your personal preferences. This is important because a bathroom should always be making you feel relaxed and comfortable. If you limit yourself to following strict guidelines, you might lose sight of how you want your bathroom to look. With that being said, guidelines will help you stay on track and give you some very good ideas.

If You Are Having Trouble

If you are still having trouble finding the best way to use accents in your bathroom, there are two things that you can do. The first solution is to look around other areas of your home to see what is already working. It is important to have your bathroom match somewhat well with the rest of your home design so that you can create a cohesive and seamless living environment. You can also look to other homes online or places that you visit in order to get some inspiration. The other option that you have is to just eliminate bold accents in general. Sometimes the bright standout pieces aren't for everybody. You may just want a solid monochromatic design, and that is perfectly fine. In fact, it is almost always very beautiful if it is done correctly.

Don't Stress

Do not stress over trying to get this right if all it is doing is taking up time and creating a problem for you. Do what you think will be best for your bathroom and you will have a smooth and relaxing design process. Again, always make sure that you are making your bathroom design comfortable for you for both the short term and the long term.