As Spring approaches, it’s time to do some bathroom spring cleaning.


Spring Cleaning in Your Bathroom

As the winter season is coming to a close, it is time to consider doing some spring cleaning. Your bathroom is just as important as the rest of your house when it comes to cleaning, so you want to make sure you don’t overlook it. Although you should be keeping up with your bathroom cleanliness regularly, a good spring cleaning can help you stay motivated and improve the health of your bathroom.

Storage Cleanout

The first thing you want to do when cleaning out your bathroom is to look at your storage units. This includes vanities, cabinets, drawer units and anything similar. Often times, many people will leave items in their storage fixtures just to keep them out of sight for the time being, but sometimes these items accumulate over time. This causes a lot of clutter in these storage fixtures. Start with cleaning out these fixtures to get the bulk of your clutter out of the way. Once all of your storage units are clean, you will have more room for things that you actually need to store away.

Clean the Fabric/Cloth

Another important thing you want to do when spring cleaning in your bathroom is cleaning all of your fabrics and cloth. This can include towels, rugs, rags and even shower curtains. Check all of these to make sure you are washing them the correct way in order to prevent any damage. After you wash and dry all of your items, keep them out of your bathroom until you are completely finished with the cleaning of your bathroom to make sure you don’t spill and chemicals or something similar on your fabrics. Clean fabrics and cloths are absolutely necessary for a clean bathroom.

Clean Your Countertops

First you will need to remove all of your loose items from your countertops. Place these items in an organized bin to make sure you don’t lose track of where they are. Once all of your accessories and loose items are removed from the counter, you can clean your countertops. Get your preferred cleaning product and a soft cloth and wipe down your surfaces until they are clean. Once the countertop is clean and dry, you can place all of your items back on your counter in the way you see fit.

Clean Your Fixtures

Each one of your fixtures needs its own attention when it comes to cleaning. It is important to keep your fixtures clean at all times, but as long as you are doing your spring cleaning, you should probably clean your fixtures as well. Make sure all of your fixtures are accounted for, including your bathtub/shower, sinks, toilets and any other main fixtures are wiped down and clean.

Final Note

As Spring approaches, make sure you are up to date on the cleanliness of your bathroom.