Bathroom Accessory Sets

Bathroom accessories are important to every bathroom, no matter what size it is or what fixtures are included.  Accessories include items such as soap dishes/dispensers, towel bars/rings, toothbrush holders, toilet paper holders and several others. Some of these accessories can come in sets, so if you plan on buying these accessories all at once, here are some ideas as to what you should be looking for. This guide will highlight some of the best ideas for your bathroom accessories.

Common Accessory Sets

There are some accessories that can often be purchased together in order to save you money and time, so that you won’t have to buy everything separately. Accessories such as towel bars and hooks can be bought together, giving you the option to include both in your bathroom. Many bathroom accessory sets can also include a number of accessories such as towel bars, towel hooks, toilet paper holders and toilet brush holders all wrapped up into one set. Other bathroom accessory sets can include vanity accessories such as soap dispensers, soap dishes, toothbrush holders and several others. You can find many combinations of these accessories to include in your bathroom design.
When choosing your bathroom accessory sets, you should definitely take into consideration the overall design of your bathroom. Pick a design that complements your bathroom well. For example, if your bathroom centers around some kind of pattern or color, you should try to find a color or pattern for your accessories that matches well with it. You should also try to use similar materials if you can. Some accessories have to be a certain material for cleanliness, but you can find accessories made of unique materials that will complement your bathroom design.

Buy a Set

If you feel overwhelmed when you are trying to pick the accessories for your set, think about simply purchasing a pre-made set. Bathroom accessory sets will have the accessories matched and ready to go. This will eliminate the need for you to pick out accessories separately. Whether you buy them all online or at an in-store location, you will no longer have to go out of your way to purchase them. Another great aspect of buying a set, is the price. Bathroom accessory sets are often cheaper than purchasing each item separately. In addition to that, the accessories already match and go perfectly with each other.
Another great aspect of bathroom accessory sets is the variety. These sets can include essentially any type of accessory. One of the most common items you will find in these sets is a towel bar. You'll also find towel hooks, towel rings and toilet paper holders. Combining these accessories together will help your bathroom design feel more complete. A cohesive bathroom design is important for both comfort and looks. The aesthetic of a bathroom is just as important as functionality. Consider a bathroom accessory set for your bathroom for a complete and beautiful bathroom design.

Toilet paper Holders

Toilet paper holders are some of the most important accessories you can include in your bathroom design. There are several different ways to implement them. For example, the most common way is a wall mounted toilet paper holder. There are many different ways to do this. It is recommended that you mount your toilet paper holder across from your toilet on a wall, or next to your toilet. If you put it next to your toilet you'll be able to mount it either on your vanity or your wall. These are the most accessible and easy to reach locations. As far as design, there are many different options. You can get a horizontal or vertical toilet paper holder, giving you a unique decision to make. It will really come down to personal preference.
Aside from a wall mounted toilet paper holder, you will also be able to use a stand. These stands will be placed right next to your toilet for easy access. One of the best things about these stands is that they can be combined with a toilet brush holder. The combination of these two accessories will help with space conservation while giving you two essential bathroom items. Sometimes there will also be a space for you to store your rolls of toilet paper more comfortably. This will give you easy access to new rolls of toilet paper while always having a spare one at the ready. It is important to look to the other areas of your home as well. The more you can save space while including beautiful fixtures, the better off your design will be.

Towel Bars, Hooks and Rings

Every bathroom will use some sort of towel. Whether it is for a shower or simply a hand towel, you will need a way to hold it. For your master bath, you should definitely consider a towel bar before the other options. A towel bar will hold your towel in a reliable manner. it will also spread your towel out, helping it to dry faster. If you want an upgraded version, consider a heated towel bar. A heated towel bar will keep your towel warm and dry, which is incredibly important for the health of your bathroom. This will prevent the buildup of germs and bacteria on your towel. These towel bars are growing in popularity, so you will definitely be able to find one easily.
In addition to a towel bar, you might want to include towel hooks and towel rings. These are great for smaller towels or even larger towels depending on how you want to use them. For your sink area, consider using a towel ring. This way, you will be able to hold your towel comfortably while keeping it within reach. Towel rings are very beautiful accessories, so consider one for your design. Towel hooks are small but effective accessories for your bathroom. These can hold any kind of towel, but they won't spread your towel out. This is something to note before you buy them. All three of these accessories can be packaged together to make a more affordable and convenient purchase.

What To Avoid

There are a few things to avoid when you are looking for a nice set of bathroom accessories. First of all, don't buy anything you don't need. This can be avoided if you decide to buy all of your accessories separately. That doesn't mean that you should avoid sets all together however. Just make sure that the set you buy has all of the accessories you need without spending extra money on accessories that you already have or don't need. For example, if you need a towel bar and a toilet paper holder, focus on those two items. Don't buy an accessory set that has a towel bar, toilet paper holder and a towel ring that you don't need. Buy the towel bar and toilet paper holder separately or in a different set.
You should also make sure that you are avoiding any clashing designs. Make sure all of your accessories match each other, as well as the other elements of your bathroom. Matching accessories help to bring the room together while also serving as beautiful pieces in and of themselves. One of the most effective and safest finishes for bathroom accessories is chrome. Chrome will work in essentially any bathroom design and is commonly used in bathrooms all over the country. Feel free to experiment with other finishes as well. Just make sure that you are staying consistent.

Overlooked Accessories

When it comes to bathroom accessories, there are often overlooked pieces. One of the most overlooked accessories is a soap dish. If you use bar soap, you are going to need a high quality soap dish to house it. This is important for both the cleanliness of your countertop and the organization of your bathroom. Another very important accessory that is overlooked is a toilet brush holder. Many bathrooms usually have a low quality toilet brush holder that is generally made of plastic or a similar material. Consider incorporating a durable chrome metal toilet brush holder to have a beautiful way to house your toilet brush.
You should also make sure that you have a way to hold your toothbrushes. This is important for the same reason a soap dish is important. A toothbrush holder will be able to hold multiple toothbrushes while keeping your surfaces clean. You can either buy one to match your other accessories or you can make your own. A mason jar is a great way to make your own toothbrush holder.

What to Remember

There are also a few things to remember when purchasing your bathroom accessories. First, make sure they match each other as well as the rest of the bathroom. This is important for bringing the bathroom together as a single environment. Next, you should always focus on high quality. If you just get the cheapest accessories instead of durable ones, you will definitely see the implications quickly. You should mainly be focusing on quality and design and the rest will follow. Take your time and pick the best accessories available to you.