Incorporating natural and organic styles can lead to a relaxing and peaceful experience.

  • Colors
  • Materials
  • Lighting
  • Plant Life

Natural Colors

Natural colors generally include dark greens, browns, blues and whites. Incorporating these colors can give your bathroom that outdoor feel while maintaining the comfort of an indoor bathroom. Colors like these can be incorporated in your bathroom in a number of different ways, mainly through fixtures and accessories, but you can also incorporate these colors into your wall and decor.

Wooden vanities are very popular fixtures and can be found in a majority of bathroom today, and with a plethora of different natural tones to choose from, a wooden vanity will work great in your bathroom. If you include stone in your bathroom, the same thing can be said. Many stone fixtures offer beautiful natural tones that will make your bathroom radiate beautiful organic vibes. These colors simulate many that one would find outdoors, making these colors perfect options for this specific style. Natural colors gives off the feel of a calm and relaxing environment, making them perfect for a luxury bathroom experience.

Natural Materials

When pursuing a natural style, the most common type of material used is wood. Wood is a versatile materials due to its usage in several different kinds of bathroom fixtures. For example, the most common types of wooden fixtures are vanities. Other fixtures such as bathtubs and storage units can be made of wood as well. Wood is very popular due to the general pricing as well as the overall aesthetic. Another material to consider is stone. Stone can be used in some bathtubs and sinks, complementing your bathroom with a natural feel. There are several options to consider, so explore your options.

Natural Lighting

Natural light is important for ensuring your bathroom gets a true natural feel. If at all possible, letting natural light enter your bathroom is not only an elegant way to light your bathroom, but it reduces the cost of your electric bill. Natural lighting can be incorporated through windows and skylights mainly. Openings to natural lighting allow for a more comfortable experience and a connection to the outdoor environment. Artificial light should still be used due to the unpredictability of how much light will enter your bathroom at any given time. There are many window styles to use as well. Depending on your bathroom, you could have a number of different options. Storm windows are very popular. If you have a larger design, consider a bay window.

Plant Life

One of the best ways to make your bathroom feel more vibrant and full of life is through the inclusion of plant life. Plants are beautiful in any aspect of your home, but they can work especially well in your bathroom. One of the most popular bathroom plants is the Aloe plant. Not only does an aloe plant bring color and life to your bathroom but the plant itself can give you relief from things like sunburn by rubbing the contents of the plant on the burned area.

Make sure you are incorporating plants that do well in hot and moist areas, due to the heavy amount of heat and moisture that will be occurring in your bathroom on a daily basis. There are many other plants to incorporate as well. Consider options such as bamboo, ferns or snake plants. These plants are also very effective. Consider all of your options here. Plants offer a unique element to your bathroom design.

Final Note

Having a natural or organic styled bathroom can be a very rewarding decision and give you that peaceful and beautiful bathroom that you always wanted. Nature is important for a bathroom design. It helps your bathroom connect with natural elements. This is something you should consider. If you are having trouble with anything, contact an interior designer. This will make the process much easier.