This guide will highlight the most beautiful and effective bathroom colors of the year.

Bathroom Color Trends

Recently, bathroom designs and trends change and adapt to incoming style choices. One of the aspects included is the bathroom paint colors used in bathrooms. Bathrooms are some of the most important rooms in your home, so you want to make sure you have a nice pallet of colors in your bathroom. Most of the colors on this list are returning colors from recent years. Some bathroom paint colors will work better in different places in your bathroom, making for some versatile options available to you. With the modern bathroom moving more toward a spa, maximum comfort is becoming more of an important factor of a bathroom.

Color ties a bathroom design together and wraps up the overall theme of your bathroom together. When discussing colors and which ones work best in your bathroom, two things are typically brought up. The first is the colors that are commonly used in bathrooms today, and the second is the methods in which they are incorporated. Both of these will be covered in this bathroom color guide.

Bathroom Color Choices

The color of your bathroom depends on personal preferences as well as practicality. For example, if you want to use cooling colors in your bathroom, make sure the color of the paint and the color of your fixtures go well together. It is important to find the perfect middle ground between the two. This way, your bathroom design will feel more cohesive and complete. The colors that you choose will set the tone for your bathroom design through the use of several possible color schemes. A great starting point is by using a crisp white base and seeing which colors go well with it. Because a crisp white base is versatile in terms of what colors go well with it, this is something to consider. Even starting with a white trim could be an easy starting point. It is encouraged that you experiment with different color swatches to see which color combinations and color choices will work the best for your specific design plan.

Colors by the Bathroom Type

  • Master Bath - Because a master bath focuses on comfort and beauty, consider some beautiful calming colors. These colors include soft shades of white, gray and black, along with colors such as light blue and green.
  • Powder Room - A powder room will benefit from some brighter colors to help light the area. Consider colors such as yellow, orange, white and light gray among other similar colors.
  • Kid's Bathroom - Kid's tend to be more comfortable when brighter colors are involved. For a kid's bathroom, consider bolder colors such as red, yellow, orange, purple, blue and green.
  • Private Office Bathroom - A private office bathroom is simple and generally small, so it doesn't require a big beautiful display. Focus on neutral colors to create a calming and relaxing bathroom design.
  • Public Restroom - For a public restroom, it is best to combine neutrality with brightness for an exciting yet simple design. White is a great base color to use in tandem with some brighter accent colors.

Why Colors Make your Bathroom Feel Better?

Colors set the mood for the entire bathroom. Because there are so many colors to choose from, there are several different settings that you can create. For example, lighter colors will make your spaces feel brighter and more full of life. Darker colors on your walls and ceiling will give your bathroom a more serious tone that creates a beautiful modern environment. Colors also help with the implementation of a theme that you may want. For example, if you want a nautical theme, consider incorporate blue and white. If you want a rustic theme, you will need to use some more natural tones. Overall, implementing colors on your walls and ceiling will make your spaces feel a certain way depending on the colors used.

Incorporating Brown into your Bathroom

Brown is increasingly becoming one of the more popular colors in bathrooms today. This color works well with other popular bathroom colors such as white and black, two neutral colors that can be used in most color toolboxes. Brown is popular most commonly through usage on the walls, but it can be used in almost any aspect of your bathroom. One of the most beautiful bathroom designs that utilizes the color brown is the rustic design. A rustic design incorporates a number of different fixtures, accessories and materials that include natural colors.

One of the most prominent and common natural colors is brown. You can also use this color in a naturally centered bathroom design that includes plants and other natural aspects. For example, many vanities and other wooden fixtures are made of wood, which is typically brown in many cases. If you really want that natural aspect in your bathroom, a variant of brown should definitely be something you consider. Brown is used in about 35-40 percent of bathroom in the United States, making it the most popular color for bathrooms over the past several years.

Incorporating White into your Bathroom

If there is one color that will always remain popular in bathrooms everywhere, it is white. White has been used in bathrooms for many years and shows no sign of decreasing in popularity. White can be used in basically every aspect of your bathroom. It is most commonly used in fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs or any ceramic built fixture. You should also consider a white trim. This is a great way to accent the main wall colors of your bathroom design.

White walls are still popular in today’s bathroom design, being an easy color to complement with striking colors and other neutral colors such as black and gray. No matter what type of bathroom design you have, you can almost always include white due to how well it goes with virtually every color. Again, this goes back to how white can be used in essentially any aspect of your bathroom. Think of any fixture you can include in your bathroom, and white can be implemented in one way or another and always look visually appealing. White is one of the most versatile colors in this regard.

Incorporating Gray into your Bathroom

Similar to white, gray is another very versatile color for a bathroom design. Gray hasn’t been extremely popular in the past, but in the past decade or so, gray has been increasing in popularity with the introduction of finishes like matte and classic finishes like chrome. Gray can be used on walls, but can also be used on fixtures and decorations in your bathroom to accentuate the other colors of your bathroom.

Try incorporating gray in bathroom accessories such as soap dishes or towel bars to give your bathroom a nice sleek and smooth look. Because gray is similar to white in the sense that it is typically seen as a neutral base color, you can pair it with many different colors in order to create some very beautiful color combinations for your bathroom design. Gray is one of those very versatile colors that can be used in the majority of bathroom designs due to how well it works with many colors.

Incorporating Beige into your Bathroom

One of the more unexpected colors becoming popular this year is beige. Many people see beige as a boring or uninteresting color, but in your bathroom, it offers a classy and stylish feel. Beige works the most effectively in the floor and walls. Beige walls are slowly rising up the ranks to the most popular bathroom wall color in the country. Tiling on both the wall and the floor is very popular in beige in the past few years and are going to be popular from years to come. When you first think of the color beige, you may think it sounds a little boring or unexciting, but it is a great neutral color that can work in a variety of different designs.

Incorporating Black into your Bathroom

Black is one of the most beautiful and versatile colors that you can incorporate into a bathroom design. It can be used in essentially any area, and it commonly is. Black exemplifies the feelings of sleekness and modern design. There are several ways to utilize black in your bathroom as well. One of the best ways to utilize black is through painting your walls. It is easy to paint your walls black because you usually won't need any primer. However, it is important that you make sure all the specifications are in order. Black walls will make your bathroom a bit darker as well, so make sure you have sufficient lighting.

One of the best fixtures to use black is a bathroom sink. There are several different ways you can go about this. For example, a matte black bathroom sink can be one of the best additions to any bathroom design. The matte finish is both beautiful and versatile. This will make it a beautiful option for your bathroom. You can also go with a glossy finish for your bathroom sink as well. It will really come down to your personal preferences. In addition to the finishes you can make your sink utilize any style that you want. These styles are commonly known as vessel sinks, undermount sinks, wall mounted sinks and several others. Choose a design that you think will work best in your bathroom. You should also make sure that you have complementary accessories to accent your sink beautifully.

Importance of Color in Your Bathroom

Colors are important elements of any bathroom design. no matter what type of color you pick, you will need a high-quality and beautiful color. If you don't have a beautiful color in your bathroom, it could affect your maximum comfort potential. Because of this, you want to make sure that you have a great color in your design. Whether the color is black, white or anything in between, you want to make sure you have a color that you like. You'll be able to implement your favorite color into any area of your bathroom. For example, many bathroom sinks are white. However, you should experiment with different colors for your bathroom sink. This will make your bathroom a more unique place to be.

You can also implement colors in the small areas of your bathroom. For example, your walls may be one solid color, but you can accent them with colorful towels. Use the same line of thinking for other areas of your design as well. You should always be looking for new ways to implement beautiful colors into your specific bathroom design.

Combining Colors

Combining colors is a great way to add to the design of your bathroom. Unless you want to go for a monochromatic color scheme, combining colors is recommended for you. There are essentially infinite different color combinations that you can utilize. One of the best combinations for the bathroom is black and white. This combination is both easy to incorporate and very versatile. Many bathroom fixtures are already white, so all you have to do is add some black. You could also try a beautiful blue and yellow combination. There are many other combinations that you can utilize, so explore your options here. If you need help with this, don't hesitate to contact a professional designer to help you. Sometimes painting can be a difficult process, but a professional will help you out and get everything done efficiently and effectively. You should also consider other cooling colors to create a relaxing environment.

Bathroom Paint Colors

Paint is used in a bathroom to create a comfortable and beautiful environment. With that being said, several different shades can be used to achieve a number of different designs. For example, some of them most common bathroom paint colors include white, light gray, light blue, light green and charcoal. These colors help promote a calming yet stylish environment by not relying on bright or overwhelming features. It is important to focus on calming shades to fully maximize the comfort of your bathroom design. It is encouraged that you experiment with different shades of these colors to find out which one will work in your bathroom design. Take into consideration the colors of your fixtures/accessories, as well as the overall home design.

Bathroom Colors Interior Designer's are Choosing

Interior design is a profession that requires attention to detail and perfect synchronization of every area of the bathroom. As trends evolve, the color choices of interior designers and homeowners evolve as well. Neutral colors are always popular. For example, cooling colors such as crisp white are very popular is many types of bathroom designs. Other neutral colors such as black and gray are also very popular, especially in modern bathroom designs. Different home styles could warrant different color choices as well. For example, a log cabin style home will benefit from natural tones such as brown and green. A modern city home might want to utilize white and gray. It is important to take inspiration from your environment to create a cohesive interior design.

Final Note

Try incorporating some of these colors to get the most comfort and design out of your bathroom. There are many popular colors to choose from in a bathroom. You need to look at all the options and pick one that works best for you. Bathroom color trends are constantly changing, so be on the lookout for new and developing bathroom design trends. Again, feel free to contact a professional designer if you need any help. Home improvement is always something that will benefit your home design. Consider adjusting the colors in your home and bathroom to create a perfect overall home design.