Your bathroom isn’t complete without a personal touch.


Adding Personality to your Bathroom

When you use your bathroom, comfort is one of the most important things to include. A big part of the level of comfort you experience has to do with the visual aspects of your bathroom. Adding the designs you like is a great way to accomplish this. Think of your interests, hobbies, favorite design patterns or anything else that you may think looks good in your bathroom. Sometimes, all your bathroom needs is a touch of personality to boost it up to the next level of comfort.

Add Unexpected Features

Adding some unexpected features to your bathroom can be a fun and different experience for you when looking to change up your bathroom design. Think outside of the box and incorporate some furniture or items that you would not typically see in a bathroom. Turn an everyday object into a creative bathroom accessory to spice up the design of your bathroom. An example of this can be replacing your bathroom hooks with vintage water nozzles. Look around your house or any craft store to find some creative products to benefit your bathroom using some unexpected methods. Anything can be included in your bathroom if it is used the right way.

Include Your Hobbies

The things you do to relax or have fun would only be fitting to include in your bathroom. Even if it is just small features or touches, including your favorite hobbies can be a great way to add another level of fun and interesting features to your bathroom. If you have a fishing hobby, it meshes well with a bathroom design naturally due to the inherently aquatic nature of a bathroom. The same goes with any other aquatic hobby such as boating or swimming. If you have a different hobby such as makeup, hiking, nature, art or any other possible hobby, it is just as easy to include each one if your bathroom design.

Natural Additions

If you love nature, the options are almost limitless. Nature can be included in your bathroom in a multitude of different ways. Firstly, and most commonly, you can incorporate plants directly into your bathroom. The most popular plants that benefit from growing in a bathroom include aloe vera and bamboo. Another way to incorporate nature in your bathroom is by using natural and raw materials. Wood is easy to include in a bathroom as well as certain types of metal. You can also include large windows or skylights to allow a connection to nature and the entrance of natural light. Many people love being in touch with nature. If you fall into this category, try incorporating some nature to personalize your bathroom.

Personalize Your Lighting

Lighting is so versatile in this day and age, giving you many choices as to how to personalize your bathroom lighting. Floor lighting can be one of the most creative ways to incorporate lighting in your bathroom. Custom light colors are becoming popular to add personality and mood to a room. Lampshades can be interchangeable and if you want to, you can add your own personal hand made design to them. Lighting in general can be place almost anywhere in your bathroom, just make sure that it is practical in your bathroom.

Final Note

If you add personality to your design, you will find that your bathroom will improve your overall outlook and your experience in your bathroom.