Different shower heads offer many different benefits.

Shower Heads

As we wrote in one of our previous articles, How to Design Your Shower, we discuss how you can design your perfect shower. One of the sections in that blog discusses the different types of shower heads. This blog aims to give each kind of shower head its own spotlight and explain the benefits of each design in all aspects. This includes design, spray style, maneuverability and what kind of bathroom design they would fit into on both a style and practicality basis. Read this guide to help you with your shower head buying process.

Single Spray

Single spray shower heads are perhaps the most common type of shower head that is used in most bathrooms. Single spray shower heads are shower heads that usually have a fixed spray style and a fixed water pressure (unless you fix your water system to do otherwise). That being said, they offer good pressure that isn’t too hard or too soft, making for a comfortable experience. These shower heads are so popular because of both their affordable prices and their ease of installation. They are also a good choice if the bathroom is going to be shared by a number of people. The single spray system is very common, so it is easy to operate, making it easier for everybody to use.

Rain Style

Rain style shower heads are one of the most luxurious and beautiful styles of shower heads. Their unique spray style is probably one of the most appealing aspects of the rain style shower head. As the name suggests, this particular type of shower head sprays in a downward rain style. This design is popular among luxury bathrooms for a few reasons. First, the soft downward spray is very easy on the body because the water isn’t being forced out of the shower head. This allows a nice easy flow of water that makes for a comfortable experience. Another benefit of the rain style shower head is the design. These types of shower heads usually come in a square, rectangular or circle shape. The minimalist design is very appealing to many people when they are look to design a high end shower. It is important to note that these shower heads are not only in a fixed position. Several different models can be put on a swivel. However, they will most likely be the most effective when parallel to the floor.

Ceiling Mount

Ceiling mount shower heads are very similar to rain style shower heads in the aspect that the spray style is basically identical. Because ceiling mount shower heads are literally built in to the ceiling, the only way that they can spray is down. One key difference that ceiling mount shower heads have from traditional rain style shower heads, is that ceiling style shower heads cannot pivot or swivel because they are fixed in one spot. Another major thing to consider is whether there is enough space in your shower area. These shower heads are typically used in showers with a sufficient amount of space, usually being showers that are not combined with a a bathtub.

Hand Shower Systems

Hand showers are a great way for anybody to have a comfortable experience in their shower. Hand showers offer perhaps the most maneuverability of any other type of shower head. For example, the vast majority of handheld showers can either be held in your hand to be used that way, or mounted on the wall to have a style similar to a single spray shower head. If you are one that prefers to stand still or sit down in your shower, a handheld shower allows you to rinse the soap off of your body by just simply using your hand to reach every part of your body effectively. This type of shower is the most effective type of shower for elderly people or people with limiting disabilities as well. The versatility and maneuverability of this design allows certain people to shower comfortably and easily. That being said, this type of shower is great for anybody to use because of how easy and effective it is for your shower experience.

Shower Trims and Valves

Along with the different types of shower heads that are available, there are also several different types of valves and trims to go along with them. Many of these valves are universal to be used with many shower heads, so take the time to make sure that you choose the design that you think fits well with your shower head. Make sure your trim or valve works well in combination with the rest of your shower design as well. This should be simple if you already have a shower head, which will already match with your shower area. Though one of the less exciting aspects of a shower design, these are fixtures that you want to make sure you don't want to overlook.

Final Note

The selection of shower heads available to you offers a wide range of design, style and versatility. Each come with their own benefits and drawbacks, so take a look at all of your options and decide which one will work best with your unique bathroom design.