Soap dispensers are integral parts of a bathroom design. Choosing the perfect soap dispenser for your bathroom may seem simple, but there are several things you need to consider. From installation type to special features, soap dispensers can offer many things you may not have known about. This guide will go over how you can choose the ideal soap dispenser.

Different Mounting Types of Soap Dispensers

Different Mounting Types of Soap Dispensers
Different Mounting Types of Soap Dispensers

In general, there are three different ways ideal soap dispensers can be mounted. The three mounting types are wall mount, freestanding or integrated into the countertop. Each of these mounting types have their own set of benefits that are great for various different situations. Below is a short list of each mounting type and what they bring to a bathroom design.

Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers

This type of installation is a common for any type of bathroom. Wall mounted soap dispensers can be operated manually or through a hands-free method. In addition, they are great for saving space and opening up the space on a bathroom vanity or countertop.

Freestanding Soap Dispensers

A freestanding soap dispenser will often be one of the most common and affordable of the three. Freestanding soap dispensers can be moved and placed on a vanity or countertop to give you easy access when needed.

Countertop Soap Dispensers

A countertop soap dispenser will be integrated into your counter, creating an effective function in your bathroom. The pump will be the only part of the soap dispenser that is visible. The body of the ideal soap dispenser will be hidden underneath the countertop.

Different Soap Dispenser Operation Types

Different Soap Dispenser Operation Types
Different Soap Dispenser Operation Types

Operating a soap dispenser is typically done in three ways. Like the mounting options, the operation types will each offer different benefits in terms of both functionality and accessibility. The three main types of operations will be manual operation, electric operation and one hand function. Each one will provide your soap dispenser with a different look and feel, making it an essential aspect of the accessory as a whole.

Manually Operated Soap Dispensers

When one thinks of a soap dispenser, the most common type will be a manual operation. A manual operation is simply a standard pump activated soap dispenser. This is the typical look of a soap dispenser. It is activated by pressing down on the pump of the soap dispenser, dispensing soap out of the spout. In most cases, a manually operated soap dispenser will be the easiest to find at a local store.

Electric Operated Soap Dispensers

When it comes to electric soap dispensers, several features should be recognized. First, you should know how they will be powered. Most electric soap dispensers will be powered through the use of either batteries or plug-in cords. Battery soap dispensers will be much more common and easier to find. There is no major difference in price between the powering options, but electric soap dispensers will cost a bit more than manual soap dispensers.

One Hand Soap Dispensers

One hand soap dispensers are similar to manual soap dispensers, but there are a few key things to note. The main difference is the way in which the soap dispenser is operated. One hand soap dispenser has a lever that is pressed in with one hand, and the soap is dispensed onto that same hand. They will be mounted on the wall, but other variants can be purchased as well. This is one of the most convenient types of soap dispensers due to the easy to use design.

Common Features of Commercial Soap Dispensers

Commercial soap dispensers incorporate several features that make them both accessible and efficient. It is important for commercial bathrooms to have proper soap dispensers due to both of these reasons. ADA compliance is important not only for soap dispensers, but for every aspect of many public bathroom spaces. Below is a list of features every commercial soap dispenser should have.

  • Locks - Many commercial soap dispensers will feature a lock to ensure that the contents of the soap dispenser are not tampered with. This is especially important in commercial bathrooms with high traffic. An increased number of users will automatically increase the risk of damages, no matter where it is.
  • ADA Compliance - It is incredibly important for commercial soap dispensers to abide by ADA standards. Soap dispensers should not be placed higher than 44 inches if the reach depth (counter) is more than 20 inches, but not more than 25 inches in depth. If mounted on the wall, it should be no higher than 48 inches, and cannot protrude more than 4 inches from the wall.
  • Secure Installation - A safe and solid installation will help ensure the security of the soap dispenser. A wall-mount or counter installation is a must. This is mostly to prevent theft and damages. For example, these installations are fixed, keeping the soap dispenser from falling. This is also important for ADA compliance.

Importance of a High Quality Soap Dispenser

A high quality soap dispenser will bring several rewarding benefits to any bathroom design. When it comes to quality, several key factors will come into play. Perhaps the two most important factors are build quality and material. Build quality will dictate how well the soap dispenser functions, as well as how long it will stay functional in a bathroom design. A quality ideal soap dispenser will have an easy to use pump and enough space to hold soap.

When it comes to the materials used in soap dispensers, some will be much better than others. Some of the best materials used for soap dispensers include various types of metal, ceramic and glass, among a few others. Try to avoid low quality materials such as cheaper plastic, unless you are looking for a temporary soap dispenser. If you want to find the best soap dispenser possible, check out our list of the best soap dispensers of 2020.

Best Soap Dispenser Materials

The materials used in a soap dispenser will dictate the durability and quality of the piece. Solid materials are essential for ensuring you will have a high quality soap dispenser for years to come. In addition, the material used in a soap dispenser will dictate how it will look as well. Depending on the material, the way your soap dispenser looks will vary greatly.

Glass Soap Dispensers

Glass is great for luxury soap dispensers. The options for glass soap dispensers are vast, making it easy to find one that is perfect for your design. Glass can be cut into various beautiful designs that can help create a set in your vanity area. In addition, glass can come in any color, which will give you the option to customize it. Most glass soap dispensers will be freestanding or held in a holder attached to the wall.

Metal Soap Dispensers

One of the most common materials for a high quality soap dispenser is metal. Many different types of metal can be used, as well as many different high quality finishes. Many metal soap dispensers will be made of metals such as brass. In terms of finish, metal soap dispensers can feature several. Some of the most common include chrome, stainless steel and brushed nickel, among various others.

Ceramic Soap Dispensers

As one of the most common materials used in bathrooms, ceramic is another amazing option for a soap dispenser. Ceramic is very durable and very easy to clean. In addition, it is easy to match with other aspects of your bathroom design. Ceramic is used in fixtures such as toilets, bathtubs and other small items. Match your best soap dispenser with other ceramic pieces on your vanity to create a cohesive space.

Quality of the Pump

One thing that should absolutely not be overlooked is the quality of the pump in your soap dispenser. The pump is arguably the most important piece of the soap dispenser as a whole. Without a high quality pump, function and durability are compromised. High quality pumps can be identified by what they are made of and how easy they are to use. If the pump is low quality, it may see frequent damages, or even need to be repaired or replaced. No matter what type of soap dispenser you plan on purchasing, make sure the pump is smooth, durable and high quality.

Choosing the Type of Soap for your Soap Dispenser

Of course, the best soap dispenser is one of the most important items in terms of overall bathroom health. However, it is also important to have a high quality soap to put into it. This will all be up to your preferences, but there are a few things to take into account. First of all, consider the type of soap dispenser you have. If it is clear, consider choosing a soap color that matches with the rest of the area. Another thing to consider is the soap itself. Consider the scent, the color and the texture of the soap.

In Conclusion

To sum things up, a soap dispenser may be small, but it is one of the most important bathroom items to have in your design. A high quality soap dispenser will help maximize cleanliness, access and the overall function of a healthy bathroom design. If designing a public bathroom, make sure your ideal soap dispenser meets all of the standards, especially with ADA. In private spaces, your soap dispenser should fit your exact needs in order to create a comfortable space.