Lighting is definitely one of the most important aspects of a healthy and functional bathroom design. Without proper lighting, a bathroom design will suffer in more ways than one. A lack of lighting can also result in potential physical harm. However, there are many ways in which you can add lighting to your bathroom to optimize and improve the area. This guide will go over how you can use lighting effectively in your bathroom.

Lighting Your Bathroom Vanity Area

Types of Bathroom Vanity Lighting - Ambra DBL Vanity
Types of Bathroom Vanity Lighting - T5 Mirror

As one of the most used areas in a bathroom, the bathroom vanity is an incredibly important feature of a design. This is where most of your morning routine will take place, so it is important to make sure it is properly lit. Luckily, there are many unique and creative ways to implement lighting into a bathroom vanity area. First of all, you can use standard bathroom vanity lighting options. This can be anything from ceiling lighting to wall mounted spotlights. Many options are available in this regard, so choose an option that meshes well with your design.

There are also more unique options to consider. For example, lighted bathroom mirrors are very useful and incredibly convenient. Not only do they light the vanity area, but they also help you get a brighter and clearer reflection from the mirror. LED lights will be the best option for your vanity area lighting as well. It is recommended that you use actual light fixtures instead of simple light strips or string lights. As long as your vanity area is properly lit, you should have no problem creating a safe and comfortable space.

Proper Ceiling Lighting is a Must

The foundation of a bathroom design is not complete without proper ceiling lighting. The lighting on the ceiling of any room will serve as the base of any high quality design. There are many valid options to consider when it comes to ceiling lighting in particular. For example, one of the best options is recessed ceiling lighting. This will offer your design a beautiful minimalist way to add lighting to your design. For a more elaborate or decorative option, consider a chandelier. This will take up more space, but it will be a very nice addition to a beautiful bathroom design.

If those options don’t suit you, there are a few other ways to go. Spotlights are amazing options if you want a more unique look. In addition to the unique look, they can also be put on tracks for easier positioning. Another option to consider is a fan with a light. Depending on the size of the bathroom, multiple fans can be used. LED lighting will be one of the best options to use here. In addition, you may want to consider dimmable lights as well.

How Floor Standing Lighting Can Improve a Bathroom Design

Sometimes you need additional lighting to your main lighting fixtures. This is where floor standing light fixtures can really help a bathroom design. A simple floor lamp can be a great addition, and there are various unique designs available to choose from. For example, you can incorporate a typical, traditional lamp with a lampshade. On the other hand, you can always go with a unique and extravagant lamp. You can basically choose from infinite possibilities in terms of floor standing lamps. Find a lamp that matches your bathroom design perfectly to create a perfect area.

Recessed Floor Lighting

If you are looking for a small yet effective type of floor lighting, recessed floor lighting might be your best option. This is one of the best ways to create space in a bathroom design because the lights will take up essentially no space. One thing to definitely consider is placement however. You should not cover your recessed floor lights with any fixtures or furniture in order for the light to properly disperse. In addition, you probably shouldn’t use bright lighting. Floor lighting should not be your main light source. However, it definitely a great complement to the overall lighting plan.

Lighted Bathroom Mirrors are Amazing Complements to Your Main Light Fixtures

Although it can be a bit overlooked, lighting built into a bathroom mirror is an incredibly beneficial feature. It can be used in both wall mirrors and magnifying mirrors, each with their own specific benefits. For wall mirrors, LED lighting can be incredibly useful. They help to light up the mirror, but also serve as great sources of light for the overall vanity area. Magnifying mirrors can also feature LED lighting, making them extremely useful for things like shaving or makeup.

In addition to the lighting feature, several other features can come equipped with these types of mirrors as well. For example, magnifying mirrors can feature various ways to position the mirror itself. A pivot for the face of the mirror as well as jointed arms are incredibly beneficial to the overall design of the item. There are also different magnification factors to choose from, usually ranging from 1x to 10x.

Natural Lighting is Incredibly Important

Aside from your main electric light fixtures, natural light is something you want to include if you can. Of course, this will not always be possible for every bathroom design. However, if possible, it is almost a must. Natural light is great for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, natural light will improve the health of a bathroom design. The inclusion of natural light will boost the mood and bring beautiful elements of nature into the design. Sunlight is always great for a healthy lifestyle.

Another great quality of natural light is the money saved. By incorporating natural light in a bathroom, you benefit from using less electricity for heating and light. Of course, this won’t be a complete solution for your bathroom lighting, but it is definitely a good addition to consider. Natural light is one of the most underrated aspects of a bathroom design, so make sure that you carefully consider whether or not you can include it in your bathroom environment.

Creative Lighting Options to Consider

Traditional light fixtures are definitely great for the foundation of your bathroom lighting. However, don’t be afraid to incorporate somewhat of a personal touch in terms of lighting. Depending on what you are looking for in terms of design, lighting can come in a variety of forms. It is important to express creativity with your lighting while making sure it is functional and effective. String lights, light bars and other lighting bathroom accessories can be great inclusions to a bathroom design.