Floral Patterns

One of the most interesting and common patterns you can find in a bathroom is some type of floral pattern. These patterns can offer some of the most lively and beautiful designs to a bathroom if they are used correctly, and in the right places. There are many different ways for you to incorporate this kind of pattern in your bathroom design, so you will not have any trouble finding areas to use it. Whether it be on your fixtures, decor or curtains, there are several different areas to consider. This guide will go over some of the most effective ways to incorporate a floral pattern into your bathroom design.

Popular Ways To Use It

One of the most attractive things about floral patterns is how many possibilities there are in terms of colors and the types of flowers that can be displayed. However, flowers are not the only thing that can be used in a floral pattern. Think about other forms of flora such as ferns, evergreen trees, leaves and other similar aspects that you would find out in nature. For example, depending on the season, you may want to use a different pattern.
For spring, you might want to use a floral pattern that will incorporate tulips of a variety of different colors and sizes. If it is summer, maybe consider some sunflowers or other bright flowers. Winter might have you wanting to use some kind of snow berries or evergreen patterns. As for fall, maybe you want some fall tones in the form of changing tree leaves. With that being said, you don't have to just focus on seasonal changes. If you find a floral pattern that you enjoy and are comfortable with, you may just want to stick with it all year round. As you can see, the possibilities in this regard are essentially endless. Comfort is key in a bathroom design, so if a floral pattern is something you want, you should strongly consider it.

Shower Curtains

One of the best aspects of a floral pattern is the ability to include a variety of different colors in order to make the pattern unique and welcoming. Curtains are some of the best ways to incorporate a floral pattern into your design due to the canvas you have to work with. For example, if you have a shower in your master bathroom, it could be a great benefit to incorporate a simple floral pattern to give your bathroom a little more life. A shower area is an incredibly important area of your bathroom, so this should be one of the first places you look to. A floral shower curtain is one of the best ways to simulate nature and bring a sense of comfort to your area. This design will work the best if it is used as your outer shower curtain. Your inner shower curtain should be opaque or somewhat clear to complement it.
This will allow you to see the floral pattern on both the inside and the outside with no issues. Because a shower curtain can be one of the main focal points of a bathroom, you should definitely pick a design that works for you. In addition to that, natural elements work very well in a shower area in terms of both comfort and design. This is definitely something to consider if you are struggling to boost the comfort level in your bathroom. A floral pattern will bring out some of the colors in your bathroom as well as some of the more obscure fixtures.

Window Curtains

Similarly to shower curtains, a floral pattern could greatly benefit your bathroom area when included in your window designs. The main reason why you should consider a floral pattern on your window curtains is because it is one of the many effective ways to bring a sense of nature into your bathroom design. Because windows are one of the best ways to increase the flow of natural light into your bathroom, an additional aspect of a floral pattern will give it a slight boost in how effective it is at simulating nature. Depending on where you live, the pattern that you choose should be unique to your area.
If you live in a northern area with many different coniferous trees, your curtain pattern should replicate that. If you live in a lush and green environment, the same thing can be said there as well. If you live in a seasonal area, you may want to keep different patterns available so that you can switch them in and out as the seasons change. This is one of the most popular areas for you to utilize because of how much of a difference it will make in your overall bathroom design.

Hand Towel

Another great way to incorporate floral patterns in your bathroom is through hand towels. If you have a neutral colored bathroom overall, you can sprinkle a floral pattern on some of your smaller towels in order to create a beautiful contrast in order to keep things interesting. Hand towels should be placed near your bathroom sink so that you have easy access to them and a comfortable vanity area as a whole. Hand towels can be either draped on a towel hook or ring, or they can be placed neatly in a tray. As far as how you should incorporate a floral pattern, there are two popular ways to do this. If you are using a reusable hand towel, try to find a pattern that is subtle yet beautiful. Your reusable hand towels should be mostly neutral colored with a small pattern on the base for the maximum amount of comfort. Because reusable hand towels will usually be embroidered with the pattern, it should be minimal in terms of how much of the actual pattern is on the towel itself.
The other popular way to use a floral pattern on your hand towel is to use reusable hand towels. These are easier to incorporate a floral pattern on the entirety of the towel because they will be smoother and more like paper towels. You should keep a small stack of these towels in a tray next to your sink for easy access. You should always be looking for ways to increase the design quality of your bathroom, and a floral pattern on your hand towels can do exactly that.


One of the other great ways to incorporate floral patterns in your bathroom is through accessories. There are essentially an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to incorporating floral patterns on your bathroom fixtures. One of the best places to focus on first is your vanity accessories. The first thing you should do is to match your accessories, make sure you know that they should all match each other in terms of the design that you choose. If you don't do this, you will quickly see that your vanity area becomes less cohesive than it was before. Then you need to find the pattern that you want to use.
If you have a white vanity, consider implementing a bright color to properly accent your neutral colors. If you want to stay neutral, you will definitely be able to find a black or gray floral pattern on your accessories. There are many different ways to use floral patterns on your accessories so you should definitely look round to see what you would like the best.

Floral Decor

This is probably one of the easiest ways to incorporate some kind of floral element in your bathroom design. Simple wall decor can be extremely effective when it comes to displaying your beautiful bathroom features. This can be done mainly through the use of paintings, photographs and other types of wall ornaments. This can be a painting that you may have made yourself, a picture you might have taken or maybe even a mural like design that is directly on your wall. This is one of the best times to get creative, so take your time to think about what you will want to in terms of floral decor.


If all else fails, just incorporate your favorite flowers in your bathroom design instead. One thing that you need to be careful of is that you do not want to overwhelm your bathroom with floral patterns everywhere. If you already have the majority of your bathroom decorated with your favorite floral pattern, it is recommended that you do not include flowers as well. The same can be said the other way around as well.
Flowers do bring a beautiful and effective natural element to your home, so they are something to consider. If you do want to go this route, you want to make sure that the flowers will be able to strive in a wet environment. These flowers can include lilies, orchids and begonias among others. You also always have the option of fake plants as well, if you don;t want to worry about replacing or maintaining any of your plants. Overall you want to be in a comfortable and beautiful bathroom environment. If floral patterns and natural aspects are things that you think will work effectively in your design, they are definitely things that you can consider.