When it comes to shower design ideas, there are many things to consider. You want to make sure you take everything into account before you decide on any aspect of your shower design. Because you are likely using your shower every day, it is an investment that is very important to the way you live your life daily. For many people, the day usually starts and/or ends with a nice shower to wind down and relax from a long day of work.
The shower experience is something that remedies your mind and body in order for you to get the most out of your shower. The shower design is arguably the most important area in your bathroom. For many bathroom showers, there are many different components that go into a quality design and you want to make sure all of the bases are covered. That being said, you want to break down every aspect of your shower design and take the process step by step.

Look at Your Shower Area as a Whole

It is important to know whether you have a small bathroom or a large bathroom. When looking to include a shower in your bathroom or renovate for a new one, there are two ways to go. You can either incorporate a bathtub shower combo or a stand alone shower. If you plan on a shower bathtub combo, you will most likely be in the market for some sort of alcove bathtub most commonly. These are bathtubs that can be fixed into the wall of your bathroom, almost like a puzzle piece. These bathtub shower combos are generally composed of fiberglass mostly, or acrylic material.

If you aren’t concerned about including a bathtub in your bathroom, then you are most likely looking for an independent shower. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may have more space for a shower, because it would be in place of where a bathtub would be, which is a fairly large bathroom fixture. This will result in having a comfortable amount of space for your shower. You also want to make sure your shower area will be easy to clean. If your shower design is a hassle to clean, your bathroom becomes much more stressful to use.

High Quality Shower Heads are Essential

High Quality Shower Heads are Essential - Supioni Shower Head
High Quality Shower Heads are Essential - Supioni Rain Shower Head

Shower heads may be the aspect of your modern shower design that has the most impact on your shower setup and experience. The most common type of shower head is the wall mounted adjustable shower head. They generally stem from the wall and have a swiveling head that can cover much of the open shower design. The benefits of this type of shower head are that it is usually the most affordable and it performs its function well. If you are looking to build a traditional shower setup, this might be the way to go. Another type of shower head is the detachable or handheld shower heads.

These are the preferred choice for those who may need assistance with showering or for those that just prefer the maneuverability and ease to use a detachable shower head. Lastly, there are rain style shower heads. Rain style shower heads are shower heads that are usually fixed to a permanent location and spray water directly downwards, hence the name “rain” style.

Shower Design Organization

Because a is used every day, it should definitely be neat and organized so that you can enjoy it to its maximum potential. This is especially important if your shower design is smaller or you have a shower/tub combination with little space to work with. If you have a bigger shower setup, organization will be a little easier. However, you will still want to keep up with organizing your area in order to reduce and clutter or loose objects.

Depending on the type of shower area that you have, organization might be easier or harder to fully achieve. You should give it enough attention to get as close as you can, however. Organizing a modern shower design is easy for the most part, but there are always some factors that could get in your way. The incorporation of different storage and organization accessories will help you greatly. It will also give you a clear and accessible shower area in your bathroom design. Many of these points can be used in other areas of your home as well. With that being said, it is important to take these into careful consideration.

Shower Baskets

Shower Baskets - Filo Shower Basket
Shower Baskets - Lea Shower Basket

One of the most effective ways to organize your shower area is through the use of shower baskets. These are primarily used to store the items that you use on an everyday basis in your shower. These items include, shampoos, conditions, wash cloths, loofahs, brushes and other small items that can fit in the basket. This is the most convenient way to store all of your shower items while keeping them in an easily accessible location. Many shower baskets have multiple baskets all connected in one cohesive accessory.

Shower baskets can typically have one to three baskets. This means there is more than enough space for you to store your shower items. This will give you an effective way to separate all of your items while keeping them close together and in an organized fashion. They are also quite versatile in terms of their looks as well. You can choose from a number of different styles. Also, you can choose from several finishes and installation types in order to optimize your design and area. Many shower baskets utilize the chrome finish, due to the popularity of the finish in general. With that being said, shower baskets can definitely come in other finishes and styles, being a great shower design idea.

Shelves in Your Shower

Though shower baskets are typically a better option due to their increased security of items, shelves are also very good options for you to store your items. Shelves can be self-adhesive, have suction cups or even mounted onto your wall with screws. This is a great feature because every shower is different in design. One shower might be able to incorporate a shelf that is self adhesive. Another shower might need a shelf that is fastened to the wall with screws.

Either way, you will absolutely be able to find a shelf or shelves that will work perfectly in your shower area. Shelves will do the same thing as a shower basket. However, sometimes items can fall off of them a bit easier. This is, unless the shelf has a lip to prevent items from falling. This shouldn’t deter you from looking for a great shelf to incorporate in your shower area however, as they can be a very beautiful and helpful accessory. That being said, you should make sure your shelves are secure and able to hold the items you need. Shelves function as one of the best shower design ideas.

Shower Storage Options to Consider

Shower organization is important both inside and outside of your shower itself. You can do this in a number of different ways. All of these will serve to benefit your area in terms of both comfort and accessibility. One very effective way to do this is to incorporate some bins. Put them in the area in order to store some of the items that you may not need to use on a daily basis. You may just need some extra storage space. These bins can be stored in a vanity or a closet, giving you a great method of organization. You can also incorporate some DIY storage options such as custom towel storage or bathroom hooks that can hold robes or towels. This is something that you can get creative with. You should add a touch of style and personality to your modern shower design ideas and your bathroom as a whole.

Towel Bars and Towel Racks

Towel Bars and Towel Racks - Pura Towel Bar
Towel Bars and Towel Racks - Loft Towel Rack

Towel bars are absolutely necessary when figuring out how to organize your shower area. These will allow you to properly organize and dry out your towels so that they are ready for future use. Along with a towel bar, you can also incorporate a towel rack. These can be either freestanding or mounted on the wall. Depending on the amount of towels that are used in your bathroom, you may even want to use both in your particular setup. Towel bars and racks can come with several great features that will allow you to appreciate their importance even more. For example, one of the most popular features of a towel bar/rack is the heating feature. A heated towel bar will help speed up the process of drying your towels and reduce the risk of any buildup of mold or germs.

Quality and comfort are two important factors in terms of a perfect bathroom design. Because of this, this is something that you should absolutely take into consideration. Regardless of whether they have a heating feature or not, towel bars and racks are essential for any bathroom design. You can also include towel hooks if you feel as though a towel rack or a towel bar isn't right for your particular design. Hooks do the exact same thing as bars or racks with a few small differences. For starters, hooks will almost never be heated. Also, they are smaller and a bit less effective at drying your towels or robes because they can't spread the towels out. That being said, bathroom hooks are still magnificent for many bathroom designs. You should definitely take them into consideration for your modern shower design ideas.

Shower Mats

There are two different mats that you can use in your shower area. The first is a mat that you should put directly in your shower, and the second is a mat that you should put outside of your shower. Both of these have great benefits and should be taken into consideration. You should think about incorporating a mat in your shower so that you can prevent any slipping that could happen while you are moving in your actual shower itself. In addition to that, include a mat outside of your shower so that you don't slip there either. Mats can also serve as beautiful pieces of decor as well. This is something else that you should note. Having a stable and safe shower is just as important for organization as it is for a safe and comfortable experience.

Outdoor Showers

There are several reasons as to why you might need an outdoor shower. For starters, it is a quick and easy way to clean yourself. There are a number of situations as to why this is important. Also, there are numerous areas in which this could come in handy. For example, the most common place you will find an outdoor shower is at the beach. You don't want to track sand in your home, so an outdoor shower is absolutely necessary. Essentially every home or hotel near a beach should have one to ensure that you and your home are clean. This is especially important if you visit the beach multiple times a week.

You also might need an outdoor shower if you deal with a muddy environment on a daily basis. For example, if you have a mountain home, you may want to consider this. Mud is the last thing you want in your home. It's hard to clean and is a pain to deal with. Because of this, an outdoor shower can be one of your best friends. This is especially important if you do a construction or something similar. Anything with which you might have mud or dirt on you could definitely warrant an outdoor shower.

Walk-In Showers

Walk-in shower designs are popular and accessible options. If you decide on a walk-in shower, you will get the benefit of an easy to use shower area with all of the same benefits of any other shower. Walk-in shower designs are becoming very prominent in bathrooms everywhere, mainly because a bathtub shower combo is becoming less of a requirement. If you feel a similar way, a walk-in shower design will be something that you may want to consider. Walk-in showers will often offer more space as well as more maneuverability. They can also be doorless showers due to their unique design. Doorless showers are typically large in area, giving you plenty of space to work with. If you are not worried about incorporating a bathtub and only want a shower, a walk-in shower design will be something that you will probably use in your bathroom design.

Bring it All Together

A modern shower design can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. However, there are several ways to make this process easy for you. First, plan out what you want your shower to look like. This will give you an idea of the materials and fixtures that you need. It is important to do this before you buy anything at all. Make sure your design fits well into your bathroom and can incorporate everything that you need. You can draw out your plan on paper or a computer software. Make a few mock-ups of the design to ensure that everything is in order. After that, you can start to get to work on setting a budget. A budget is very important because it will tell you what you can and cannot incorporate into the design.

If you don't have experience in this field, it is recommended that you contact a professional. A professional will help this process go much quicker and easier. This will cost you a bit more money in the short-term, but it will be worth it for your beautiful modern shower design. However, it is important that your modern shower design is up to your standards in terms of comfort and quality. You should try to achieve both of these with any means possible. Whether you have to contact a professional or do it yourself, you should do what you think is the best for you.

Things to Remember About Designing a Shower

A Shower Needs to be Comfortable
Your shower area should be one of the most comfortable areas in your entire bathroom. The shower area needs both space and accessibility in order for you to fully enjoy it. Make sure you have shower baskets to organize your items and get to them easily. You should also consider grab bars or shower mats for maximum safety and comfort. There are countless other things you can include in your shower area to make the environment more comfortable, so keep your options open.

You Need Either a Shower Curtain or a Door
No matter what design your shower may be, you need a way to keep water in the shower. This is something that is absolutely necessary. It will usually come down to what kind of shower you have. Many stand alone showers will have some kind of glass door. An alcove shower with a bathtub will commonly have a shower curtain. However, there are many instances in which a designer shower curtain can be used where a glass door would be and vice versa.

Shower Heads Make or Break a Shower Area
A comfortable shower head will be one of the most important elements of your shower as a whole. There are several different styles to choose from, so it is important that you choose one that is both comfortable and high quality. Rain style shower heads are popular for luxury showers. Hand showers are great for accessibility and maneuverability. There are many other options, so it is recommended that you take the time to find the shower head that will work the best for you.

Focus on a Beautiful Design
Not only does your shower area need to be physically comfortable, but it should also be very beautiful in terms of looks. This can be done by simply implementing your desired design preferences. It is also important to match the design elements of your shower with the rest of your bathroom environment.

Showers can be Expensive
Because a shower is one of the larger elements of a bathroom design, it will naturally be one of the most expensive. It is important to remember that you may need a shower head, shower valve, shower column, designer shower curtain and a number of different accessories, depending on what you need or want. Plan out what you need in your desired shower area design before making any major purchases.