How to Choose a Bathroom Aesthetic

Choosing the way your bathroom looks is almost as important about the functionality. A comfortable and well-designed aesthetic bathroom can be the most attractive room in the home. In order to create this, there are several things you need to take into consideration. The aesthetic of a bathroom can come in many different forms, each of which comes with its own benefits. For example, wall mounted fixtures, such as wall mounted bathroom vanities, can give off a very modern vibe. On the other hand, freestanding fixtures can give off more of a classic look. This guide will go over everything you need to do to choose the perfect bathroom aesthetic for you.

How to Choose a Bathroom Aesthetic How to Choose a Bathroom Aesthetic

Where Should You Start?

It can be hard to pinpoint where you should start this process. Depending on what your bathroom currently looks like, this process could vary in difficulty. If you have a fully completed bathroom with an existing aesthetic, you will have to strip it down and start from square one. If you are planning a brand new bathroom, the process could be a bit easier. Either way, you will have to get your aesthetic bathroom down to the basics before you make any big aesthetic changes.

In terms of an actual starting point, you can look to a few places. First of all, know the size and shape of the bathroom in question. Smaller aesthetic bathrooms will need a different approach than larger, more spacious aesthetic bathroom ideas. Because some bathrooms are smaller, the design process will need to be much tighter and specific. Larger aesthetic bathrooms will have more room to work with. After that is decided, you can start to look at the foundational elements of your bathroom design.

Choosing a Theme or Aesthetic You Like

Before you make any actual changes, you need to come up with a list of plans or aesthetic bathroom ideas. This is one of the most important steps of the complete process. When coming up with aesthetic bathroom ideas, feel free to browse existing ideas. Once you do this, you can modify these ideas and add some personal features or aspects. Making your bathroom unique is incredibly important to creating a healthy design. Establishing a list will give you several aesthetic bathroom ideas you like. Once you have your list, you can narrow it down to see which one you think would fit your preferences the best.

Once your preferred theme or aesthetic bathroom ideas are picked, you can start to take the first steps as to what you need to do first. Depending on the current state of your bathroom, this will vary. Your foundational design elements need to be taken care of first. It is incredibly important that you do not rush this process. If the steps are done out of order, you will undoubtedly run into mistakes. For most scenarios, the best place to start will be the actual structure of the room.

Before You Begin

Before any aesthetic bathroom ideas are put into practice, you need to make sure the functionality of the design is in order. This means that your plumbing, electricity, HVAC and any other similar factor must be appropriately taken care of. This is incredibly crucial to the lifespan and success of your new bathroom theme or aesthetic. This is something that a professional will likely need to do, unless you have the specific training in any of these areas.

Start With the Basics

Before you start choosing your favorite fixtures and bathroom accessories, you need to start at the foundational level. This mainly includes your floor, walls and windows. Depending on the current state of your bathroom, the exact starting point could vary. A good place to start would be your walls. Your walls serve as one of the main aesthetics in a bathroom due to them being somewhat of the starting canvas. If you are unsure about a specific theme, go with a color scheme. Once a color scheme is established, a theme can be built around it. Of course, do not go in without a plan. Choose colors that will mesh well with a planned theme you have in mind.

Next, you should look at your floor. The floor is just as important as the walls in terms of a foundational starting point. A bathroom floor can be made of several materials and radiate various moods. For example, a basic tile design is simple, but it is an amazing starting point for the rest of a bathroom design. On the other hand, intricate floor designs can be perfectly crafted to fit a certain theme or aesthetic bathroom idea. Either way, your floor will serve as one of the main focal points of a high quality aesthetic modern bathroom design. After that, fixtures such as aesthetic toilets, vanities and bathtubs can be planned.

Start With the Basics Start With the Basics

Your Color Scheme is Everything

Color is one of the most important elements of your aesthetic master bathroom’s design. It is one of the foundational elements of your bathroom aesthetic. Of course, you can’t just pick two random colors you like and smash them together. You can still experiment with color swatches, but make sure the colors you choose go together well. A color scheme, in and of itself, can be a theme. It is usually the first thing you notice, and the one of the most visible elements of the overall design. It is also a great way to blend your bathroom fixtures with art.

Choosing Your Main Bathroom Fixtures

Now that the foundation of your bathroom has been planned, you can start to choose the types of bathroom fixtures that you think would best suit your theme or aesthetic. Of course, you will need your main bathroom fixtures. Vanities, sinks, showers and other similar fixtures will be necessary in most cases. Your main bathroom fixtures should be designed in a similar way in order to create a cohesive bathroom design. For example, if you want a minimalist aesthetic, consider simple, geometric shapes when choosing fixtures. Squares and rectangles are great in this sense. Keep this same line of thinking for all other themes as well.

Color is also incredibly important in terms of fixture choices. Depending on the specific theme or aesthetic you want, the color could make a big difference. Many aesthetic modern bathroom themes use matte finishes, such as matte black. Vintage themes love to use glossy white bathroom aesthetics. More vibrant themes use colors such as red and yellow, warmer and more welcoming colors. Of course, it is important to keep a good balance between all of the colors. If the colors are used too heavily, it can create an uncomfortable setting.

Fixture Placement Can Make a Big Difference

Although it is not a direct factor of a bathroom aesthetic, fixture placement can make quite a difference. The way your bathroom is set up can contribute to the overall feeling of your bathroom. For example, if your fixtures, such as aesthetic toilets or vanities, are spaced out, an open area is created. The feeling of openness and space can make an aesthetic modern bathroom look more accessible and comfortable. It is also important to make sure they are placed properly in relation to each other. Depending on the bathroom aesthetic you want, this could vary slightly differently. In general, there is a standard type of layout to follow, but it isn’t necessarily required.

How Bathroom Accessories Play a Part in a Bathroom Aesthetic

Bathroom accessories can be seen as the complements to an overall look of a bathroom design. Because so many different types of bathroom accessories are available, many options are also available. One of the best things about bathroom accessories is the amount of variety you have in terms of functionality and unique design. If you want more modern bathroom accessories, consider some sleekly designed vanity sets. For more abstract ideas, you can even incorporate DIY patterns or accessories. Some of the most common bathroom accessories include soap dispensers, soap dishes, towel bars, bathroom hooks and various others.

The Use of Bathroom Decor is Essential

Aesthetic bathroom decor is used in almost every single bathroom design. Although this may not seem true at first, it is important to take a look at the average bathroom design. For example, minimalist aesthetic bathrooms are very bare bones with white bathroom aesthetic. However, they still utilize aesthetic bathroom decor. Sometimes, this decor will come in the form of fixtures and accessories, as well as other elements of the design. Some minimalist designs will even utilize dedicated decor pieces.

On the other hand, there are aesthetic master bathroom designs that make full use of bathroom decor. Decor pieces such as paintings, clocks, photographs and others can be displayed beautifully to make the bathroom a more welcoming space. Aesthetic bathroom decor is one of the best ways to express creativity and uniqueness. By using aesthetic bathroom decor, you can finish off your own unique bathroom theme or aesthetic. Sometimes, the aestheticbathroom ideas could be the lack of decor, if that is what you are trying to go for.


Creating Your Own Unique Bathroom Aesthetic

Now that all the pieces are ready to be put in place in your aesthetic master bathroom, you can start to express your creativity. This is perhaps the most important part of this process. As long as all of your fixtures, colors and functional elements match up well, this process can be very simple. However, you should still look to be unique where you can. On the other hand, a traditional bathroom theme is still very attractive. Whatever you choose, you should enjoy your aesthetic bathroom ideas as well as the finished product.

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