Daily Upkeep

When trying to keep your bathroom clean, it is important to keep up with it daily. This means doing the little things to ensure that your bathroom stays clean in a consistent manner. This includes wiping down your fixtures if they get water or condensation on them, including a wastebasket, cap your toothpaste and other small details that can keep your bathroom neat and clean.

You should always look around your bathroom after you use it to make sure your bathroom is clean for your next use. Make sure you are doing this at least every other day, but it is recommended that you keep up on your bathroom cleanliness after every time you use it. That being said, you should be doing a thorough cleaning of your bathroom at least one time a week. This means that you should break out your scrubbing tools and cleaning supplies and clean your fixtures thoroughly. In general, if you want to keep a healthy and clean bathroom, you should be keeping up with this regularly.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Available

Always keeping cleaning supplies readily available can both remind you to clean your bathroom and help with easy access to cleaning supplies. If you have space in or under your bathroom vanity, it is a good idea to store your cleaning supplies there. The same can be said with any kind of storage unit or closet you may have in your bathroom. Cleaning supplies can come in a number of different forms, but some of the most common cleaning supplies include microfiber cloths, white vinegar, soaps, toilet brushes and other similar cleaning items. Items like these are very effective at cleaning your bathroom fixtures and accessories, so make sure you have some of them, if not all of them. To be creative here, you can get beautiful toilet brush holders or storage containers to add some stylish design to your bathroom.

Use Mess-Free Toiletries

Often times it can be hard to have completely mess free toiletries. For example, any soap dispensers can make a mess and every shampoo bottle can spill a little shampoo. You can keep your bathroom clean easily if you have the right substitutes for common bathroom toiletries. For example, instead of using bar soap, try a soap dispenser which has a far lower chance to make a mess. If you do want to use bar soap, it is highly recommended that you use a soap dish and clean it regularly. Choosing this method will limit the mess in your bathroom greatly. One of the best ways to keep your bathroom mess free is to organize. Organizing your toiletries into trays or drawers will also help limit the amount of messes in your bathroom. Other ideas include trying to incorporate toothpaste dispensers and toothbrush holders.

Final Note

Making sure you have a clean bathroom is a crucial part in ensuring the comfort and look of your bathroom.