Take everything into consideration when designing your perfect bathroom.


Your dream bathroom will most likely be the final product of everything you ever wanted in a bathroom. Because of this, you want to plan out everything step by step. Start from a basic floor plan with locations for all of your main fixtures and go from there. List the fixtures you want to include, plan your budget as far as what you are willing to spend on each fixture as well as the bathroom as a whole. Make sure you know where all of your plumbing is to ensure your fixtures will fit into where you want them to be. Don’t be afraid to move things around and adjust your original plan because it might end up being better than what you originally wanted.

In addition, don’t jump into this project unprepared, because you want your dream bathroom to be everything you want and more. The absolute most important thing you need to make sure you take care of before doing anything else, is to plan everything out exactly the way you want it. It is okay to make changes as you go along with the process, but starting with a plan will guide you along the process and give structure to your vision. The planning process will likely be time consuming, but starting with a basic floor plan and a general budget is a good and reliable place to start. a floor plan is important for both the immediate and long term so you can know the ins and outs of your bathroom design.

Give Each Fixture Attention

Things can get a little overwhelming when designing your dream bathroom, so taking your time is very important for both the quality and your own state of mind. Give every fixture you plan on including in your bathroom its own time and attention to make sure everything is the way you want it. Not only does this include bigger and more prominent fixtures such as sinks, toilets and showers, but towel bars, soap dispensers and other small fixtures and accessories can be equally as important to the overall design and atmosphere of your bathroom.

For example, while you are planning out what fixtures you would like to include in your bathroom, take each one into account in relation to each other. Try pairing or including a set of matching fixtures in order to add a sense of cohesiveness and completeness to your bathroom. Each fixture offers a unique purpose and design factor that can lead you that much closer to your dream bathroom. If your current fixtures aren't exactly what you want, there are a few things to consider. First, you can buy new fixtures. This will be the most expensive method, but also the most rewarding. Another option is to simply look for inspiration from other fixtures online. Sometimes you can get some great ideas for fixtures that you can implement on your own for a low cost.


One thing you want to make sure you spend time on is your lighting plan. Just like knowing where you want your fixtures, you want to know exactly where and what type of lighting you want in your bathroom. Not only do you want to know what type of lighting you want to have, but you need to know where you want to put that lighting and what you are or aren’t restricted to. It is advised that you devise an electrical plan or review your current wiring situation in your bathroom. Consider both floor and ceiling lighting, along with some possible counter top lighting. Lighting can be used to accentuate other fixtures in your bathroom next to their main purpose of providing light.

Free standing lamps or even lights built into the floor can be a unique way to add lighting in your bathroom. One downside about including free standing lamps or light fixtures in your bathroom is that it can sometimes get in the way of other things or just in the way in general. Built-in floor lighting can be rewarding because they add a unique design factor and they won’t get in the way. Ceiling lighting is a very common way to include lighting in your bathroom, or for any room for that matter. Ceiling lighting can come in many different forms, which is a major plus for designing your dream bathroom. Lastly, lighted mirrors, whether it be on the wall or on the counter top are a great way to incorporate lighting in your bathroom. The big advantage to LED lighted mirrors is their two-in-one mirror and light combination. Though lighted mirrors obviously aren’t enough to light your bathroom completely, they are a great way to add additional lighting.

Bathroom Walls

Another aspect not to overlook when planning out your dream bathroom is how you want to design your wall. There are several ways to go about doing this. The first way is to simply paint the walls. When doing this, keep in mind that you want to use paint that is safe for your bathroom. This means using paint that can withstand the heat and condensation of any bathroom and paint that doesn’t peel or come off easily. For color ideas as far as paint goes, check out our articles on Bathroom Colors That Are Gaining Popularity or Monochromatic Color Schemes. Another option to consider is wallpaper.

Similar to paint, you need to make sure you get wallpaper that is made to withstand the heat and condensation of a bathroom. Bathroom wallpaper needs to be thick and waterproof with a vinyl coating to resist and deflect water. Though it can get pretty expensive, it is a beautiful accent to any bathroom especially smaller guest bathrooms. Lastly, you can tile your bathroom walls. Because the shower is where the wall will take on the most water, not only will a tile wall protect your wall from water damage, but it offers a very beautiful design choice for your bathroom. You may want to tile the ceiling as well, making for a more complete shower setup.

Beautiful Decor

Decor is an essential part of a dream bathroom design. Luckily, there are essentially infinite possibilities that you can go with. Decor can come in many shapes and styles. When it comes to your dream bathroom, you want to explore all of your possibilities. First, consider anything that you like in terms of decor. This can be quite literally anything. For example, if you are of Irish heritage, you may want to decorate your bathroom with some Irish pieces of memorabilia. The same can be said with any other type of cultural or traditional ideas. The other hand, decor can also be something such as a hobby. If you are a fan of a certain type of art design, incorporate decor to match with that. If you're a fan of movies, you may want to decorate your bathroom with movie memorabilia.

There are several different ways to decorate your bathroom, but it always depends on what your personal preferences are. You should always be comfortable in your bathroom, so incorporating decor that you like is extremely important. This is definitely something to consider when designing your dream bathroom. Don't skip over this aspect because it can be one of the most important elements of your bathroom design. Decor promotes comfort, so it is important to take this into consideration.

Have What You Want

In addition to the fixtures and accessories that you need, you should have what you want. Having what you want is incredibly important for any dream bathroom. For example, you need all of your essential fixtures, but you want them all to be beautiful and functional. You should choose the designs that you like the best. This is true for all areas of your bathroom. It is extremely important to have a comfortable bathroom, and having your preferred elements will definitely help with this.

Comfort is Key

Comfort is one of the most important elements of a bathroom design. Without a comfortable bathroom, you can't enjoy your design to its full potential. There are several ways to boos the comfort level in your design. For starters, you want all of your fixtures to be as comfortable as possible. this means that they should be both comfortable to use and comfortable to access. The same can be said about your bathroom accessories. Make sure all elements of your bathroom are functional.

You also want to make sure that your bathroom is beautiful to look at. This will make your bathroom a much more comfortable room to be in. With beautiful fixtures and decor, you will immediately see how much more comfortable your environment is. You should always prioritize comfort in your dream bathroom design.

Final Note

Designing your dream bathroom is a very important and valuable step to your home value and personal satisfaction. Make sure you cover all of the bases to ensure a perfect final product.