Top 10 Signs that It’s Time to Redecorate Your Bathroom

Redecorating a bathroom can be a rewarding experience. If your bathroom is looking a bit drab or uninteresting, consider redecorating your bathroom today.

Your Bathroom Design is Outdated

Perhaps the most obvious reason why you might need to redecorate bathroom designs, outdated design elements can hinder the potential of a bathroom environment. This can be a result of out of style bathroom accessories, colors, fixtures or other design elements. To remedy this problem, simply replace outdated design pieces with more up to date or trendy options.

Redecorating a Bathroom With Too Much Carpet

Too much carpet in a bathroom can be an issue for two main reasons. First of all, carpet is simply outdated in many modern bathroom designs. These days, a sleek and smooth bathroom design is much more attractive for both functionality and aesthetics. Second, if your carpet has been there for a while, it may be reaching the end of its life anyway. Consider removing the carpet all together and consider replacing it with some bathroom redecoration mats, or nothing at all.

Dysfunctional Fixtures in Your Bathroom

If your fixtures are not working properly, chances are they’ve been in your bathroom design for quite a while. This means they are quite possibly out of date in terms of aesthetics as well. Whatever the case, dysfunctional fixtures must be replaced in order to make a bathroom function properly and look as elegant as possible. Redecorate bathroom fixtures in order to maximize the bathroom aesthetic.

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are incredibly important elements of a shower design in some cases, but there are some issues. For starters, some shower curtains have some rather unattractive designs. If this is the case, consider a new shower curtain or redo the shower area. Consider a walk-in shower with a glass door or something similar, if your bathroom can properly accommodate it.


Although bathtubs have been very common bathroom fixtures for years and years, they are slowly becoming more of an afterthought in modern bathroom redecorations. If your bathtub is taking up space, remove it from your design and simply include a shower. The open space will open up the area for more decor possibilities. Decorate bathroom fixtures, such as a bathtub, to give your bathroom an amazing centerpiece.

Broken or Cracked Flooring

No matter what type of flooring you have, there is always the possibility of damages. This can occur in tiles, wood or any other type of typical bathroom flooring. Not only is this dangerous, but it can look very off putting. By repairing or replacing your bathroom floor, redecorating a bathroom design will look and feel much more luxurious and stylish.

Exposed Pipes

If used properly, exposed plumbing can be an incredible element of design. However, if the pipes are rusty, corroded or just unpleasant to look at, something needs to be done. Decorate bathroom plumbing with sleek and shining pipes for a more modern look in order to boost the design quality of the bathroom design.

Wacky Bathroom Colors

All colors have they’re places in home designs, but some colors are much better than others. Colors such as mustard or pink may have been in style at some point, but their time in the spotlight is at an end. Consider some more neutral tones or common bathroom redecoration colors in order to bring a more modern style into your bathroom environment.

No Bathroom Decor Pieces

A bathroom can utilize fixtures and accessories as decor perfectly, but individual pieces of decor are great for boosting the quality of the design. Decor such as clocks, art, pictures and other pieces can be incredibly valuable to the design quality of a bathroom. Decorating a bathroom with accessories is a great way to add style to an area.

The Bathroom Doesn’t Feel Comfortable

Comfort is key in a redecorated bathroom design, and decor can be one of the biggest contributing factors. A beautiful arrangement of bathroom decor can make a bathroom much more relaxing to be in, especially if the decor is personalized and unique.

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