What is Trending for Bathrooms in 2021?

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In 2021, bathrooms have changed quite a bit from previous years. Many trends have come up this year that are extremely attractive and worth consideration for your next project. Bathroom designs are always looking for ways to improve, and these great bathroom trends are amazing places to start. This guide will go over the best new bathroom trends for 2021 and how you can implement them into your bathroom design.

Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

A bathroom mirror is one of the classic bathroom fixtures in a complete design. However, the addition of lighting within the mirror is one of the more popular takes on the mirror itself. A lighted bathroom mirror can come in a variety of different forms. Each is made to fit essentially any design plan or situation. Both wall mirrors and magnifying mirrors can have built-in lighting. This will make it easy to brighten up your bathroom mirror reflection.

LED lighting is the most common type of lighting used in these mirrors. This type of lighting is extremely efficient and delivers high quality lighting to the mirror. In addition, you have the options of hardwiring, plug-in or battery operated mirrors. All of these options are great. Choose the one that best fits your specific situation. In terms of design, lighted mirrors can have their lighting built into a few different locations. In general, mirrors can be backlit, or have the lights built into the face of the mirror on the edges in most cases. Lighted bathroom mirrors are incredibly useful and great additions to a bathroom in 2021.

Lighted Bathroom Mirrors Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

Matte Black is Still as Strong as Ever

Matte black has been one of the most striking finishes of the past ten years. The same can be said still in 2021. One of the best features of matte black is that it can be used in essentially any aspect of your bathroom design. For a subtle compliment to your overall bathroom design, consider some matte black bathroom accessories. Matte black soap dishes, soap dispensers and towel bars can be great additions to a modern bathroom design. In addition, a matte black faucet or sink can be incredibly impactful. The subtle yet striking matte black finish works incredibly well in small splashes.

If you want to make more of a statement with matte black, you can look at the bigger picture. Matte black accessory sets can make a bathroom feel cohesive and full. For example, the combination of matte black towel bars, towel rings, hooks and vanity accessories can make a bathroom feel classy and luxurious. The best way to use matte black is as a theme. A matte black bathroom design radiates beauty, and making it a focal point in your bathroom can be extremely rewarding. Consider matching matte black with chrome or stainless steel for a seamless combination.

Smart Bathroom Fixtures and Technology

In 2021, technology has become more available and useful than ever before. When it comes to a bathroom design, technology can be incredibly beneficial. For starters, automatic bathroom fixtures and accessories are beginning to become increasingly popular. Automatic fixtures such as toilets and faucets are great for saving water and keeping the area clean. Automatic accessories such as soap dispensers and lighted magnifying mirrors are great hands-free options as well. These automatic fixtures and accessories are great for both residential and commercial bathroom designs.

Bathroom technology is incredibly beneficial for both convenience and overall health. In terms of convenience, bathroom tech is great because it is used to maximize comfort and efficiency. Automatic lights, fixtures and accessories give you exactly what you need, when you need it. Sensor technology has revolutionized convenience and cleanliness in a bathroom design for the better. In terms of health, bathroom tech, especially when used in fixtures, is important for saving water. Many toilets have flushing options that optimize the amount of water used. When it comes to bathroom technology, there are many incredibly beneficial factors to consider.

Wood Brings Nature Into a Design

2021 is extremely welcoming to connecting a home with nature. This is especially true in the bathroom design. Wood is one of the easiest and most effective ways to establish a connection to nature in your bathroom environment. The flexibility here is amazing, with wood being one of the most versatile materials to incorporate in a design. Wood is most commonly used in main bathroom fixtures. This can include bathroom vanities, vessel bathroom sinks and even bathtubs to name a few. For a bolder statement, wood walls or textures around the room will make the area feel more welcoming and natural.

Wooden elements of a bathroom can take advantage of various different types of wood and textures. Darker woods can make a bathroom feel classic and luxurious. Lighter tones are great for establishing a bright and exciting environment. You should also consider taking advantage of different textures as well. Rough textures will bring out the natural lines and shapes of wood. Smooth textures will make the wood seem much more uniform. Either of these options, as well as the many other textures available, will work in different situations.

Wood Brings Nature Into a Design Wood Brings Nature Into a Design

Floating Fixtures Free Up Space

Bathrooms need as much space as possible. This is especially true if your bathroom is on the smaller side or if you have a small home in general. One of the best ways to do this is utilize the benefits of floating bathroom fixtures. Bathroom fixtures such as vanities, bathroom sinks and certain bathroom accessories are great options to consider in this case. Floating bathroom vanities allow for space under the vanity itself. This space can be used to store additional items and make the area easy to clean. The same can be said for wall mounted bathroom sinks.

In terms of which accessories are the best when mounted on the wall, essentially all of them are included. Wall mounted soap dispenser, soap dishes, toothbrush holders and essentially any other accessory should be utilized when possible. This is mainly due to the space they open up on the vanity or countertop. In addition, wall mounted accessories will also help to keep the surface of the countertop clean. Lastly, wall mounted fixtures and accessories also look very clean and organized. Organization is incredibly important for a comfortable and healthy bathroom design, making floating fixtures and accessories attractive for all bathrooms.

Bathroom Atmosphere Enhancements

There are many effective and affordable ways to enhance the overall environment of your bathroom design. This includes all aspects of the environment. For example, aside from the physical look of your bathroom, there are some great ways to make it feel as comfortable as possible. You can take the easy route and make some small additions. For example, some scents and aromas can make a bathroom feel much more welcoming and comfortable. This can be done through a variety of methods. Plug-in air fresheners, spray air fresheners and even certain plants or flowers will bring an elegant aroma into the area.

Another great way to enhance the atmosphere is through different types of lighting. Lighting is one of the foundational pieces of a beautiful home. Natural light will be the best option here, due to the warmth and energy efficiency it brings to the area. In addition, it can also be the best quality lighting, spending on location, obstructions and other factors. LED lighting is a great option as well. It is efficient and very high quality. For a more unique take, you can even use some colored lights to set any type of mood you want.

Heated Fixtures and Accessories Increase Comfort

Warmth is an incredibly important element of a comfortable bathroom. In 2021, heated fixtures and accessories come in many different forms that can be very beneficial to your health and comfort. Looking at the big picture, heated floors can be extremely rewarding to have in a bathroom. Cold floors, especially after a shower or bath in the morning, can be very uncomfortable. Heated floors allow you to adjust the temperature and make the floor the exact heat you want it to be. Depending on the size of your bathroom, this can be one of the best additions to your design.

Of course, there are many other options you should consider as well. One of the easiest to incorporate is a heated towel bar. Heated towel bars allow you to have constant access to warm towels. This is amazing for maximizing comfort. Heated towel racks are also incredible options to consider. Heated toilet seats are also available for you as well. This is not one of the most common heated fixtures, but it will absolutely add to the quality and comfort of your design. Other heated fixtures and accessories are available as well, so choose the ones that you think will fit best in your bathroom design.

Be Unique!

Trends are always worth consideration in your bathroom, as they should be. They are generally very attractive and make a bathroom feel much more attractive. However, one of the best trends of 2021 is to stand out from the rest. Uniqueness is one of the most valuable aspects to a personalized experience. Of course, there are thousands of ways that you can bring personality into your bathroom. Whether you start with small decor or larger bathroom fixtures, uniqueness can be implemented in essentially any area of your bathroom.

If you are having trouble doing this, here are a few suggestions to get you started. Consider a chandelier with a unique design. Doing this will help to add a beautiful element of lighting to your bathroom. Another option is to include some personalized wall decor. These can be paintings or photographs you personally made or took. A personalized and unique bathroom design is an incredibly beneficial part of your home. Expand your personality and unique design elements to the rest of your home as well. Create a cohesive home design by doing this.

Plant Life Adds Both Serenity and Beauty to a Bathroom

If there is one type of decor you should consider in your bathroom, it should be some type of plant life. In a bathroom design, several types of beautiful plants can thrive in terms of both health and aesthetics. One of the most popular plants for a bathroom is aloe vera. Aloe vera thrives off of the moisture produced in a bathroom, while also being quite attractive in terms of looks. In addition, it is great for health care as well, helping with skin treatment in different situations.

If you are looking for a more vibrant plant to include, consider some bathroom friendly plants. Orchids are great options here. Orchids also thrive in a wet environment, just like aloe. Bamboo is another popular option to consider as well. This is an especially good option if other elements of your bathroom are made of bamboo. Match your plants with the current colors or textures of your bathroom design. this will help to create a cohesive bathroom design. All in all, plants will add a level of beauty to the overall atmosphere of your bathroom.

Marble Bathroom Design Plans

One of the most classic bathroom materials is marble. Although this material hasn’t seen much use in recent years, it is making a comeback in 2021. Marble can be used in essentially any aspect of a bathroom. This makes it quite versatile. For example, marble is most commonly used in floors and countertops. However, it can also be used in other smaller aspects of a design as well. Using marble in bathroom sinks, bathtubs and other bathroom fixtures can make a bathroom feel and look much more luxurious.

Marble can come in a variety of beautiful colors as well. This makes it usable in a variety of different designs. The most popular color for marble is the classic marble white color. This is a traditional and attractive color for marble that works amazingly in a bathroom design. Other colors such as rose, green and charcoal are some of the more unique colors that are used. Marble is a high quality material that will have your bathroom radiating beauty and class.

Choosing the Right Trends for Your Bathroom in 2021

When it comes to choosing the right trends for your bathroom in 2021, you want to find the right combination of personal choice and objective aesthetics. It is important to prioritize your personal preferences first. You want your bathroom to be comfortable for you personally. After that is settled, you can start to add some of the elements of the popular 2021 bathroom trends. In general, 20211 has many bathroom trends that are attractive and unique. Design your bathroom in a way that is comfortable for you while being a beautifully designed environment.

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