Consider these sink designs for your modern bathroom design.



  • Wall Mounted Ceramic
  • Vessel
  • Pedestal
  • Undermount/Drop-In




Bathroom Sinks

Modern bathroom design are becoming more popular as we move forward with bathroom style ideas and preferences. A modern bathroom design needs to be complemented with a modern style sink. In addition, these sinks can come in many different shapes and sizes. However, they ultimately all fit the modern bathroom design. This shopping guide will help you along the right path in choosing the best sink for your modern bathroom design.

Wall Mounted Ceramic

This type of sink may be one of the most popular sinks to include in your bathroom for this particular bathroom design. Floating fixtures in general are on the rise. This is because they fit in well with the modern bathroom design. Wall mounted ceramic sinks offer both a unique design factor as well an efficient fixture in terms of both space creation and practicality. In addition, space is created under the sink because no vanity is included. This gives you room to store items underneath it. The ceramic material is a material used in most bathrooms. However, it fits especially well in a modern style bathroom. This is especially true if it is complemented with the right finishes, such as matte black.

Vessel Sinks

Many vessel sinks fit quite well into the overall theme of a modern styled bathroom. The visual appeal that these types of sinks have is why they are a great choice for a modern bathroom design. With people constantly trying to improve their bathroom designs, vessel sinks add a unique design factor. This is because they stand out from many other sink designs. Vessel sinks can be made of a variety of different materials, giving you the variety to choose what fits best with your specific bathroom design. Materials include crystal, glass, ceramic, metal and most other materials you can think of.

Pedestal Sinks

A pedestal sink comes in a variety of different styles. You can either use a sink attached to a pedestal or purchase the two separately. Each of these options are beautiful and worth considering for your bathroom. A pedestal sink that comes with a pedestal is probably the more commonly used type of the two. It that it is easily assembled and readily available. If you choose to use a sink and pedestal separately, you have more of a choice as to what kind of design you want. Whatever method you decide to choose, pedestal sinks will be a great addition to any modern bathroom style.

Undermount/Drop-In Sinks

Undermount and drop-in sinks are one of the most commonly used types of bathroom sinks. Like some other sinks on this list, these types of sinks are commonly used in many bathrooms. They especially fit into the modern bathroom design due to their versatility. Many drop-in sinks fit well with most counter top materials. This includes ceramics, granite and anything in between. Along with that, drop-in sinks can come in a variety of materials, but the most common material is some sort of ceramic.