Design your perfect zen bathroom.

The Zen Bathroom

In Japan, the concept of zen revolves around the value of meditation and intuition. A zen bathroom is a rejuvenating and relaxing bathroom design designed to give you the most calming and rewarding bathroom experience you can possibly have. If you are a fan of meditation, yoga or anything similar, a zen bathroom will help your home incorporate a harmonious atmosphere into your daily life. The main focus of this type of bathroom is to promote the most relaxing environment as possible. A zen bathroom is a welcoming and comfortable design to utilize, and this guide will give you some ideas and inspiration on how incorporate this design into your home. If you need a change not only in your bathroom, but in your lifestyle, this could be a good first step to take in the right direction.

Open Space

Having enough space in your bathroom is probably one of the most important aspects in this particular bathroom design. More space typically means more comfort in your bathroom. You can include large wall windows to open up your bathroom even more, as well as include more luxurious fixtures to give you the most comfortable experience possible. One of the best ways to open up space in your bathroom is to increase storage capacity. Shelves, drawer units and cabinets are great ways to increase the storage space in your bathroom, while simultaneously including calming and relaxing designs to keep your zen style in tact. This is one of the harder to achieve options for creating space, but if you are considering a total overhaul of your bathroom design, physically increasing the space by moving out the walls with inherently maximize the space in your bathroom. Do this only if you have sufficient funds because this is a large project to tackle.Space is crucial if you want to fully enjoy the quality and comfort of your bathroom.