Black fixtures add class and style to your bathroom.

  • Black Fixtures
  • Brass Base Material
  • Steel Base Material
  • Complementary Black Accessories

Black Fixtures

Black fixtures can serve to be very elegant pieces in your bathroom. Black faucets, sinks or vanities are common to find in more modern styled bathrooms along with several others. Matte black is becoming an increasingly popular and trendy choice for black fixtures. The matte finish offers a stylish and sleek looking design that makes the bathroom look cleaner and more appealing to the eye. For more matte design ideas, check out our article, Matte Finishes in the Bathroom are Trending. However, matte black isn’t the only way to incorporate black into your bathroom. Black porcelain and stone for example can be beautiful ways to incorporate black into your bathroom. Porcelain can be used in sinks, toilets and bathtubs, while stone is most commonly found in sinks and bathtubs. Other black finishes can also work wonderfully in your bathroom as well. Don't think that you are limited to the mentioned fixtures and material however. Keep your window of possibilities open because you never know when you will stumble upon and idea that can work wonderfully in your bathroom design.

Brass Base Material

When choosing your black fixtures, pay attention to the base material. A solid brass base material will provide lasting and reliable durability. Brass has a sturdy build in combination with its stylish aesthetics. Brass is very good at handling any hot water damage or any corrosive damage that may affect other materials used in fixtures such as faucets. Because of the hardness and durability of brass, it is preferable over softer metals. Brass materials can be used in bathrooms for a long time, increasing the value of your bathroom. Brass can also present a vintage feel that can make your bathroom have a timeless. One of the best ways to present this design is through a rustic bathroom design. The brass color as well as the durable base material are great matches for the design. Another good thing about brass is its versatility. Because so many fixtures can use brass as a base, it can be used in combination with other aspects of your bathroom. Some of these fixtures include vanities, sinks, shower heads and bathtubs to name a few.