Shower curtains round off the overall shower design.

Importance of Shower Curtains

Importance of Shower Curtains
Importance of Shower Curtains - Vanity

If your shower does not incorporate glass (or any material) doors, you will most likely need a shower curtain. Shower curtains can do a lot for your bathroom in terms of both design and function. A good shower curtain meshes well with the overall design of your bathroom while at the same time serving as a way to keep the water inside your shower, protecting your other fixtures. A good shower curtain will seal your shower area so that no water damage can occur in areas of your bathroom that you want to preserve. A shower curtain is also very important for the aesthetic value of your bathroom, bringing an added aspect of beauty and personality into your bathroom design.

Shower Curtain Design

When choosing a design for your shower curtain, there are a few things you will want to consider. First off, you want to take into account what the design of your bathroom already is. If you have a simplistic design in your bathroom, try a shower curtain with a solid color or simple geometric shapes. If your bathroom revolves around a more natural or rustic feeling, try a shower curtain with earthy colors such as brown or green.

The design of your shower is important because if it doesn’t fit well with your design, it will serve as an eyesore more than anything else. One thing to understand about shower curtains is how well they match with the bathtub. For example, if you have a black bathtub, try matching it with a white or black shower curtain to create a contrasting or uniform combination. If you have a freestanding bathtub and you want to incorporate a shower curtain, you will need to purchase a freestanding shower curtain to accommodate it.

Shower Curtain Material

Shower curtains are typically made out of a few different materials. The four main materials are plastic, polyester, silk/satin and canvas. There are benefits for using each of these kinds of shower curtains. Plastic shower curtains are a common type of shower curtain used. This is probably the most budget way to go. Plastic shower curtains are good for kids, because most kid friendly shower curtains are made of plastic. Plastic shower curtains are not the most luxurious material but they do get the job done.

Polyester is another very common material that works better that plastic in most cases because it it usually more maneuverable and can conform to the curves and walls of your shower. Polyester is sturdy as well as easy to clean. Canvas works similarly to the former, but the material can be a little rougher. It does well around water and the material will last a very long time, due to its sturdy nature. Whatever material you choose, make sure it can accommodate your specific bathtub size and shape.

Shower Curtain Size

A typical shower curtain size will measure about 72” x 72”, covering the proper length and height of a typical shower. When installing the shower curtain rod, the ideal place to install it is about 75 to 77 inches above the ground in order to give sufficient space for your shower curtain rod. Shower curtain do come in a variety of sizes, so if you have a larger or smaller shower, you will absolutely be able to find the perfect size for you. As previously mentioned, make sure your shower curtain is perfect for your bathtub's size and shape.

Final Note

A shower curtain provides design to your shower as well as the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. The options are vast for you selection, so take your time to find the shower curtain that best suits you.