High Quality Bathroom Fixtures

You should always be enjoying your bathroom and what it has to offer you. This means including some high quality fixtures in your bathroom design. There is no getting around that high quality fixtures will offer you the best build quality as well as comfort. There are some fixtures that should absolutely be of high quality, while others aren’t as important.


You definitely want to have a high quality vanity, simply due to the fact that you will be using it basically every day. Because you will use your vanity so much, you need to make sure it is durable as well and comfortable. Your vanity holds many other fixtures and accessories, but the most important fixture it accommodates is the bathroom sink. If you want a safe and beautiful area to house your sink, a high quality bathroom vanity is essential. Different vanities will hold different kinds of sinks, so it is important to have your measurements in order before you purchase anything.
A high quality vanity is usually made of engineered wood, mainly ash, oak, maple or other similar types of wood. A sturdy build, enough storage space and a spacious and comfortable counter top are all incredibly important aspects to a high quality vanity. You should also consider how many vanities you should have or if you need a double or single vanity. This will depend on the number of people using the bathroom, or if it is a guest bathroom or not. Either way, quality is key, so it is crucial that your vanity is sturdy and effective at doing what is it supposed to be doing.

Bathroom Sinks

Along with your high quality vanity, you are going to need a high quality sink to go with it. A high quality sink is important because will will be spending a lot of time in your vanity area. A sink is used for many different tasks such as brushing your teeth, washing your hands and other similar things to keep your hygiene up. You want a good quality sink that will last long and stay in style for years to come, because you will be using it multiple times a day, every day. There are several different sink designs that you can choose. The main styles are vessel sinks, undermount sinks, semi-recessed sinks, pedestal sinks and wall mounted sinks.
All of these sinks function similarly with a few minor differences, mainly having to do with plumbing and faucet pairings. Before you buy your perfect sink, make sure your vanity will be able to house it. Many vanities will be able to house vessel sinks, but other sink styles such as semi-recessed or undermount sinks won't be able to fit in every single vanity design. You also need to know what faucet will work best for your sink in terms of both design and installation.

Bathroom Faucets

Faucets are arguably the most important aspect of your vanity area. A faucet will control the pressure and temperature of the water, so high quality is incredibly important. Low quality faucets are easy to detect because they often have a lot of plastic, rust easily and have low quality finishes. A high quality faucet will have consistent water flow, easy to control temperature adjustments and a durable base material and finish.
A good faucet will also pair with your sink beautifully and to your preferences. This will vary from person to person. Some faucets will only work with certain sinks. For example, if you already have your sink with pre-drilled holes, you are going to need to get a deck mounted faucet to fill that space. Much of the time this will depend on both your sink and your vanity. When you are trying to find you r perfect vanity area design, you should find the best combination of your vanity, sink and faucet in order to create a comfortable and functional environment.

Shower Head

Another area that you will be spending time in every day is the shower area or bathtub. Because showers are so important to your daily routine, you should want a comfortable experience. There are several ways to do this spanning from physical comfort to personal design choices. You should prioritize physical comfort over design, but that doesn’t mean that design isn’t an important aspect of your shower. First off, your shower head is an incredibly important area of your shower head. The flow of water and spray style should be to your exact liking. There are a few different routes you can take when going through the process of choosing your shower head.
The main shower head styles are rain style shower head, hand showers and wall shower heads. Rain style shower heads are mounted on the ceiling of your shower and allow the water to flow gently down from above, giving you a calm and relaxing water flow. Hand showers are the best option if you need some more accessibility or maneuverability in your shower area. This is great for bathing your pets as well because it is very easy to control and cover many areas of the body. Lastly, the wall shower head is probably the most common shower head you will find in a given bathroom. These shower heads will usually be on a pivot and have adjustable spray styles, making them some of the best options for your typical shower design. Your shower head takes control of the whole area, making it the most important aspect of your shower as a whole.


If you decide that you want a bathtub in your bathroom, there are several different ways to go to introduce high quality into your design. The two main ways to incorporate a bathtub is through either an alcove bathtub or a freestanding bathtub. If you want a luxury bathtub, they can come equipped with a number of different cushions, back and arm rests, jets and other comfort enhancing features.
These bathtubs will almost always be freestanding, but you will be able to find some alcove bathtubs with these features as well. If you want your bathtub and shower to be together in one area, an alcove bathtub will be the way to go, especially if your goal is to conserve space. If you have some more space in your bathroom and you want to include a freestanding bathtub, it will open the door for more luxury components that you can add. This will boost the overall quality and comfort level of your bathroom, so a high quality bathtub is something to consider.

Toilets and Bidets

This is another important fixture that absolutely needs to be of high quality. Between the toilet and the bidet, many more bathrooms in the United States have only a toilet, so let's start there. A high quality toilet is important because it is one of the most used fixtures in your bathroom, right up there with your vanity area (sink, faucet and vanity). There are a few main components of a toilet that you should pay attention to when trying to get the best quality you can. The first thing to consider is the build quality of the toilet itself. A durable ceramic toilet is common in many bathrooms, and for good reason. This is one of the best materials for keeping a toilet clean and keeping in your bathroom for the foreseeable future.
Toilets can be either rounded or rectangular, so it is up to you in order to choose which style you think is most comfortable. You should also consider a good quality toilet seat and toilet seat cover. These will almost always come with your toilet or bidet so you might not need to think about it for a while. However, you may want to replace the stock cover and seat to incorporate something a bit more comfortable, such as a cushioned seat or a lit with a design on it to give your bathroom a little more of a design element. Many of the same things can be said about a bidet. Depending on your bathroom design, decide if a bidet will be a good option for you.


High quality mirrors are yet another essential part to an optimal bathroom design. There are two main mirrors you will find in a bathroom. The first is a wall mirror. A wall mirror can come in a vast variety of different designs, shapes and sizes, all of which can be used in a number of different bathroom designs. Your mirror will need to match the width of your vanity in order to achieve a sense of uniformity and symmetry. In addition to that, it will give you enough mirror space to see everything you need to see while you are going through your morning routines. Whether it is a rectangular or circular mirror, make sure it matches the width of your vanity from end to end.
You can also incorporate a mirror with LED lighting. This boosts the quality of both your vanity area and your overall bathroom design. An LED lighted mirror will help with visibility while adding a great source of light with a beautiful design element. In addition to a wall mirror, you should also consider a high quality magnifying mirror. This is important if you need a bit of a closer look when you are shaving, applying makeup, or doing something similar. LED lighting is also available in these mirrors, which is an amazing benefit to the magnifying mirror itself. High quality, durable and beautiful mirrors are always important to a design and should be high on your list of priorities.

High Quality

When you are designing a bathroom or replacing some of your old fixtures, you should always be thinking about the future. High quality fixtures will be durable and reliable replacements to your older pieces of furniture. You should always be trying to improve your bathroom so that you can achieve a perfect balance of comfort, quality and beautiful design.