Top 12 Reasons to Design and Build a Luxury Bathroom
  1. Maximized Comfort

    Comfort is one of the most important elements of a bathroom design. A luxury bathroom design is the best way to achieve this. The high quality features of a luxury bathroom design promote both comfort and relaxation. This makes it easy for you to wind down and enjoy your bathroom whenever you use it. In addition, your luxury bathroom fixtures can often incorporate some great features. They will greatly boost the overall quality of the area. For example elegant lighting from a bathroom mirror or a backrest in a bathtub can greatly improve your existing fixtures.
  2. Increased Functionality

    A luxury bathroom design will focus on two main elements, being comfort and function. Function is very important to any bathroom design. A luxury bathroom design does everything to maximize it. High quality fixtures and items are at the forefront of luxury bathrooms, ensuring each and every element of the environment work properly, efficiently and effectively. Designing a luxury bathroom will allow you to capitalize on each and every element of the design for maximum function.
  3. Include an Open Shower

    Open showers are perhaps one of the greatest parts of a luxury bathroom design. When it comes to designing an open shower, the possibilities are endless. For example, the tile patterns, materials, walls and fittings can come in various high quality designs and styles. However, the best thing about an open shower is the space it grants. The open space is easy to access and great for every type of shower head. A hand shower is a great inclusion in the are. An elegant rain style shower head is a great choice as well. Designing an open shower allows you to express your creativity. You will be able to iuse your perfect shower elements.
  4. Luxury Soaker Tub

    If you want a complement to your shower, or you do not want a shower at all, a luxury soaker tub is a great addition to a luxury bathroom design. Luxury soaker tubs can incorporate various features to help you relax in your design whenever you use it. Features such as temperature control panels, jets, armrests and back supports are all incredibly attractive features to consider for a luxury soaker tub. In addition, these tubs can be made of various different high quality materials, all of which can add beauty and quality to a bathroom environment.
  5. Open Up the Space

    Opening up the space in any room makes it a much more comfortable environment. This is especially true in a bathroom, considering all of the fixtures and accessories that need to be included. Designing a luxury bathroom allows you to open up the space in your bathroom design, giving each area of the design ample space. Fixtures can be spread out in an efficient layout to give you access to each in a comfortable manner.
  6. High Quality Finishes

    With a luxury bathroom, comes some of the highest quality finishes on the market. For example, classic finishes such as chrome, stainless steel and gold are some beautiful metallic finishes that can be used beautifully in several fixtures and accessories to create a classy theme. Some of the more modern finishes such as matte black are trendy finishes to be used in the focal point of the luxury design to exemplify the quality and beauty of the area. There are various elegant finishes to consider for a luxury bathroom.
  7. High Quality Materials

    Much like the multitude of finishes used in a luxury bathroom design, high quality materials are some of the best ways to add the luxury feeling to a design. For example, a cut crystal vessel bathroom sink brings an very beautiful material to your bathroom vanity area. Other materials such as solid brass, various types of wood and stone are elegant options that can bring a level of class and style to the area. In addition, these materials are durable, making them very effective in a bathroom environment.
  8. Decorative Design Features

    When it comes to luxury bathroom fixtures and items, decorative features tend to become much more prominent. Decorative designs, patterns and styles can be used on bathtubs. They can also be used on sinks and accessories among other bathroom elements. This is very true in the high quality luxury elements that already exist in the area. You can also use standalone decorative features that serve the sole purpose of decorating the environment with high quality features.
  9. Expertly Chosen Accessories

    The bathroom accessories in a luxury bathroom design should be chosen with care. Especially since quality and design are so important. Get expert advice when choosing your bathroom accessories in order to incorporate the most efficient and elegant bathroom items for your design. Each bathroom accessory is very important. They serve a great purpose, however small it may be.
  10. Bathroom Lighting Freedom

    Depending on where you plan on using your luxury bathroom in your home, there are many different types of unique lighting you can include. If you have the option to use a window, it is highly advised. Natural light is the best kind of light for a bathroom that focuses on comfort. LED lighting is also very good for a luxury bathroom in terms of both saving you money and providing ample light to the area.
  11. Increased Home Value

    Home value is very important to consider when it comes to designing a luxury bathroom. On average, a luxury bathroom design can add 5.7% to the value of a home. A midrange project will increase home value by about $13,717. An upscale bathroom project can increase home value by about $38,952. This can vary depending on home size, bathroom size and several other factors. If the quality is high, these numbers could increase even more. Check out this article on how a new bathroom increases the value of a home.
  12. Increased Happiness

    Happiness is one of the most important aspects of a comfortable home. A luxury bathroom design will be a great way to get to this as fast as possible. New bathroom fixtures, unique design elements and comfort boosting features are all perfect for this. A bathroom is a room in the home that will be used on a daily basis. By creating a luxury bathroom design, the comfort of the entire area increases greatly. Maximize each and every part of the design in order to create an area that you can enjoy no matter what. A high quality design boosts mood and happiness if done correctly and well.
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