A luxury bathroom design may be exactly what you need.

The Luxury Design

Typically when a luxury bathroom is brought up, a few things come to mind. For example, maybe certain colors come to mind or a particular overall atmosphere. Your perfect luxury bathroom ultimately boils down to a combination of your personal taste and the common benchmark luxury bathroom. This means that you typically are looking for beautiful fixtures, a vast amount of space as far as bathrooms go, a great view, beautiful lighting or a multitude of other factors.

Luxury Vanities

Vanities can come in many different forms and they all offer their own stylistic benefits. Typically, vanities are either wall mounted or floor mounted. Wall mounted vanities are versatile due to the fact that they can be placed virtually anywhere on your wall, given that there is enough space. A floor mounted vanity is also a great option because it doesn’t have to be in a fixed position and it can be moved to your liking. For a luxury bathroom, a vanity with a nice finish and solid base is perfect for the overall atmosphere.

A glass vanity can be a very classy addition to a bathroom especially when paired with a vessel sink. Larger vanities that can support multiple sinks are generally made of fiberboard or plywood, making for a sturdy option if it is preferred. An effective way to add that luxury factor to your vanity is to use a unique and beautiful material for your vanity counter top. A stone counter top, such as granite, can mesh well with your bathroom, offering a smooth and sleek design factor. Many vanities can be paired with a mirror as well, so it is important to take that into account as well. Will a round mirror or rectangular mirror fit your vision better? An LED lighted mirror or a non-lighted mirror?

Luxury Sinks

Any beautiful vanity needs to be paired with a beautiful sink. Being that there are several types of sinks that you can use, it is recommended that you take a look at all of your options because every type of sink comes with its own degree of luxury. Arguably the most visually pleasing sinks are vessel sinks. Vessel sink sit on top of the counter of your vanity and can be composed of beautiful materials such as crystal, glass, and ceramic, among others.

They can also have a variety of finishes such as matte, chrome, gold and others. Free standing or pedestal sinks are also a good option for a luxury bathroom. Similar to bathtubs, pedestal sinks serve as somewhat of an artistic centerpiece to your bathroom as well. Drop-in sinks, wall mounted sinks and semi-recessed sinks all offer similar design features. They can be made and finished with several materials as well and they offer a more modern/classic feel, and if used in a design plan that promotes the luxurious aspects of the sink, can be a very viable option.

Luxury Showers

Beautiful luxury fixtures can come in many different shapes and forms. Because many luxury bathroom design floor plans include an abundance of space to work with, large luxury fixtures are common. One aspect of a luxury bathroom is a large spacious shower. This is one of the best parts of the design. A large shower gives you space to be comfortable. This is a major upside for when you are going through your morning routine.

A large shower area provides you with the space and maneuverability that you need to enjoy yourself every time you take a shower. Along with the shower space, some shower heads can give you a much more luxurious feel than others. For example, a rain style shower head looks elegant and feels great. The water falls straight down at a soft rate, making for a comfortable experience. Other shower heads can benefit your shower in their own way as well, so it is definitely worth taking a look at what you think would be the most luxurious option for your shower.

Luxury Bathtubs

If a shower isn’t enough for you and you prefer to relax in a quiet and comfortable tub, it doesn’t get much better than a luxury bathtub. Typically a luxury bathroom will incorporate a freestanding bathtub that only serves as a bathtub. There are several benefits to having a bathtub in your bathroom. The main benefit is how much relaxation a bathtub offers. Not only does it provide comfort, but it makes your bathroom look more beautiful overall.

An elegant bathtub can provide a fantastic centerpiece for your bathroom. It not only serves as a bathtub, but as a piece of art that anybody can appreciate. The style of bathtub could also have a impact on how you view luxury in your bathroom. A deck mounted or “sunken” bathtub is a beautiful way to incorporate a bathtub because of its seamless inclusion into a large bathroom. Bathtubs with legs are often a great way to incorporate a bathtub as well, due to its vintage feel. Other bathtubs can have built-in armrests, back rests or even jets to ensure that your comfort level is at a maximum.


If large fixtures are going to be included in your bathroom, space is going to be needed. To accommodate for all of these luxury fixtures, an open area is required, especially if you want a large shower, bathtub or vanity, or any combination of the three. Open space is also one of the best visual and comfort aspects to this design as well. The openness creates a sense of freedom that promotes a higher sense of pleasure and content.

The creation of space can be done in a number of different ways. For example, consider implementing a number of wall mounted fixtures and accessories. Wall mounted vanities are some of the best and most efficient fixtures in this regard. By incorporating a wall mounted vanity, you will be able to creating more space for storage. Consider incorporating some storage bins underneath your vanity in order to store some of your items or accessories. You can also incorporate some wall mounted accessories. This way, you can open up some counter space on your vanity. There are also many other ways to open up space in your bathroom through other storage methods. You can incorporate storage units, freestanding or recessed. Keep your options open to make your bathroom as open as you can.

Contact a Design Professional

If you are having trouble with designing your luxury bathroom, consider contacting a design professional. There are several routes you can take here. The first thing you want to do is create a plan. Do this before you contact a professional. You want to do this so you can give your plan to the consultant. The consultant can then get a great idea of what you want your bathroom design to look like. It is important to take care of this ahead of time in order to get the most efficient meeting possible. Sometimes a showroom or supplier can offer a free in-house consultation. This is definitely something that you need to consider.

You also might want to get a professional to install all of your fixtures. This is something that you should consider if you are at all inexperienced with installing fixtures yourself. It is important that you get all of your fixtures installed correctly the first time. This will reduce any possible damage as well as your stress levels. The easier the process is, the better off you and your bathroom design will be.


A luxury bathroom will almost always command a fairly high budget compared to other bathroom design. The fixtures are designed to provide comfort and efficiency to your design, so expect to pay a bit more money than usual. It is important that you consider your budget as one of the first steps of this process. Plan your budget in order to get a full idea of what your final design will look like. You should look at every element of your bathroom to know how much money you will need to spend. Look at all of your fixtures, accessories, flooring, wallpaper, paint and any other element you can think of. This will vary from bathroom to bathroom, so it is important to recognize what you need in your specific design.

Final Note

Luxury is one of the most important things if you are remodeling or renovating your bathroom. All of the fixtures discussed in this article are unique ways to add to the comfort level in your bathroom. Comfort is a high priority, especially when your goal is to design a luxurious bathroom. This particular design can be very rewarding and extremely comfortable for you. If you are starting to think about a renovation, consider this design. Remember, if you need any help, you should think about contacting a professional. You definitely want to make sure that this process goes as smoothly as possible.