Bathroom vanities are some of the most important fixtures in a bathroom design. In addition, the bathroom vanity area is one of the most used areas in an entire bathroom space. Because so much time is spent in the vanity area, it is important to do what you can to optimize the area. One of the best ways to do this is through the inclusion of a high quality lighted bathroom mirror. This guide will go over the importance of lighted bathroom mirrors and why you should have one in your bathroom design.

LED Lighted Wall Mirrors are Great All-Around Mirrors

LED Lighted Wall Mirrors are Great All-Around Mirrors
LED Lighted Wall Mirrors are Great All-Around Mirrors

If you are looking for a bathroom mirror to have for years to come, an LED lighted mirror will be perfect. LED lighted mirrors come with a plethora of amazing benefits. Each of these benefits will help to optimize the comfort and accessibility of the vanity area. For starters, LED lighted mirrors will help to boost the visibility in the area. Because LED lights are some of the best available, they will provide a clean and clear reflection in your mirror. In addition, the lights are perfect for your daily routine. The easier your daily routines are, the more comfort you will feel on a daily basis.

To go along with that, the longevity of LED lighted mirrors is quite long. LED lights are known for lasting very long, making them great for saving both energy and money. Some LED lights can last a lifetime depending on how much they are used. In addition to the longevity of the lights, the mirror itself is also quite good depending on the quality of the item. A high quality reflection combined with LED lighting is the perfect recipe for a great bathroom mirror for your vanity area.

Why Lighted Magnifying Mirrors are Worth Consideration

Aside from a good lighted wall mirror, lighted magnifying mirrors are also very beneficial. Lighted magnifying mirrors are versatile in terms of both functionality and placement. In terms of placement, LED lighted magnifying mirrors can be mounted in three main ways. They can be mounted on the wall, fixed to a surface or simply freestanding. Each of these installation methods have their own benefits. This is especially true if you plan on implementing one in your vanity area. Aside from a versatile way to install these mirrors, there are also several other great benefits.

Compact Yet Effective

Magnifying mirrors are small mirrors, but they have much to offer. Many different features and benefits are available to choose from. IN general, magnifying mirrors are some of the most effective and useful types of mirrors you can possibly include.

High Quality Lighting

As previously mentioned, LED lighting is some of the best lighting you can get for a bathroom. Different magnifying mirrors will have lighting in unique ways. Lighting can be on the face of the mirror, backlit and several other methods.

Various Magnification Factors

Magnification is one of the main features of this type of mirror. The main magnification factors are 3x, 5x, 7x and 10x. 3x and 5x are the most common because of how versatile they are in a variety of situations.

Adjustable Arms

The arms of a magnifying mirror make it easy to position it where you want it. Accordion style arms, double jointed arms and other options make magnifying mirrors easy to position in a precise manner.

Lighted Bathroom Mirrors with Sensor Technology

One of the best innovations in lighted bathroom mirrors is the inclusion of sensor technology. Sensor technology has greatly improved various aspects of the bathroom mirror industry. This type of technology is activated when the sensor detects motion in front of the mirror. When the object or motion becomes undetected, the light on the mirror will turn off. This can be compared to other sensor activated fixtures. For example, much like a sensor activated faucet conserves water, a sensor activated mirror conserves electricity.

How Are LED Lights Powered in Bathroom Mirrors?

How Are LED Lights Powered in Bathroom Mirrors?
How Are LED Lights Powered in Bathroom Mirrors?

There are typically 3 ways a lighted bathroom mirror can be powered. One of the most reliable ways to power a lighted mirror is through hardwiring. This is a very reliable method because it is a constant source of power. One thing to note is that this will be a tricky installation unless you know exactly what you are doing. If you want a similar powering option, a plug-in method is also quite useful. Of course, you will need access to an outlet in order to do this. This isn’t always an issue, but it should definitely be something you need to take into consideration.

One of the most convenient ways to power a mirror is through the use of batteries. Although it may not seem that way, batteries are great in this unique circumstance. This is because LED lights are very efficient. One set of batteries can power an LED lighted magnifying mirror for several thousands of hours. No matter what type of powering method you choose, each one will reliably power your mirror.

How are Lights Installed in Lighted Mirrors?

The physical design of the lighted bathroom mirror is one of the most important factors. One of the physical attributes plays a big role in how the mirror operates. This is where the lighting is on the mirror. In general, it will not make too much of a difference, but it can still be quite important. One of the most common spots for lighting is on the frame of the mirror. The mirror frame in this case will usually be completely lighted. Instead of a metal or wooden frame, it will be LED lights.

Another common area for lighting is on the face of the mirror itself. The lighting in this instance will be near the edges of the mirror, but not quite on the frame. These mirrors look great with a frameless design. Finally, the lights can be located on the back of the mirror. These mirrors are typically known as backlit bathroom mirrors. These will generally be wall mirrors, but can also come in the form of a magnifying mirror in some cases.

Lighted Mirrors or Non-Lighted Mirrors?

When you are deciding on a purchase, it is important to consider several things. First of all, decide whether or not your vanity area has a good amount of lighting. Sometimes, you will have separate lights for your vanity to light up a non-lighted mirror. This will eliminate the need for a lighted mirror. If you do not have appropriate lighting in the area, a lighted mirror will definitely be the way to go.

When it comes to magnifying mirrors, lighted options are almost always preferable. This is especially true because they serve a very specific purpose. Magnifying mirrors are used for close-up reflections and tasks. Due to this, the addition of a light is very valuable. Of course, lighted magnifying mirrors are not always necessary. However, they are the best options to go with.

Main Reasons to Consider a Lighted Bathroom Mirror

Lighted bathroom mirrors offer several unique benefits. In many bathrooms, lighted bathroom mirrors serve as great bathroom fixtures. Here are some of the best reasons as to why you should consider a lighted bathroom mirror for your bathroom design.

They Look Incredible

One of the most obvious reasons to consider a lighted bathroom mirror is simply for the look. The beautiful LED lights are great additions to the mirror itself. In addition, lighted mirrors are designed with sleek and stylistic design elements in mind. Most of them utilize a minimalist and modern style. In general, lighted bathroom mirrors are perfect additions for almost any design.

They Provide Light

Light is an essential component of a healthy bathroom design. When paired with a bathroom mirror, it creates a useful bathroom fixture. This is especially true in a bathroom vanity area. Because so much time is spent in a bathroom vanity area, it needs to be sufficiently lit whenever it is being used.

They Last a Long Time

Lighted mirrors have a great lifespan. This is especially true if they utilize LED light bulbs. As mentioned previously, LED lights can last thousands of hours. If you purchase a high quality LED lighted bathroom mirror, expect it to last the lifetime of your current bathroom design at the very least.

Lighted Mirrors Improve Overall Efficiency

In terms of efficiency, lighted mirrors help in two different ways. First, the lights are very efficient in terms of energy expenditure and conservation. Secondly, they make your bathroom routine much more efficient as well. The addition of lighting makes a bathroom mirror much more comfortable to use and more efficient overall.

Many Versatile Designs are Available

When it comes to lighted bathroom mirrors, you have many options to choose from. The type of lighting, where the lighting is placed, the shape of the mirror and many other factors can shape the perfect bathroom mirror for your bathroom. Whether it is a wall mirror or a magnifying mirror, you will find a lighted bathroom mirror for your specific bathroom space.

They Add to the Environment

The addition of a lighted bathroom mirror is great for daily use, but also boosts the quality of the space in terms of looks as well. A beautiful LED aura can add beauty and elegance to your area. This is especially true if your LED lighted mirror has adjustable brightness or tones.

In Conclusion

To sum things up, lighted bathroom mirrors are very useful bathroom fixtures. Lighted wall mirrors and magnifying mirrors are both worth consideration. These fixtures provide your bathroom with comfort, function and efficiency, among several other factors. If your bathroom doesn’t have a high quality lighted bathroom mirror, consider adding one in your design today.