Wireless Charging

As bathroom technology continues to improve, wireless charging continues to improve as well. As modern bathrooms continue to evolve, wireless charging is being incorporated as well. This is one of the most popular pieces of tech in current bathroom designs. There are a few ways to include wireless charging in your bathroom, and this guide will explain the benefits of doing so and how it can be done. Built-in charging is extremely popular. It is also one of the most convenient. Consider these options when incorporating wireless charging in your bathroom.

How It Works

Wireless charging works by the charging pad transmitting energy to the device by using electromagnetic induction. The device and the charging pad have to be in fairly close proximity to one another in order for the charging to occur. Charging pads will only work with phones or other items that have built in wireless charging capabilities or have some kind of wireless charging adapter. One downside of wireless charging is the charging speed. Charging pads will generally be slower than traditional cables.

Built-In Charging Pads

One of the most innovative and convenient additions to bathroom technology is the incorporation of wireless charging pads that are built in to the bathroom counter. These charging pads can be used for a multitude of different devices including mostly smartphones, however, any compatible device will work perfectly. Charging pads are one of the most convenient technological advances not only in bathrooms, but in every aspect of the home. A big part of this is due in part to the elimination of wires that can be damaged or get in the way. Some charging pads are installed in a certain spot in the counter and on the counter they put a small circle indicator where the charge is.

Safety Precautions

Because a large amount of these wireless charging pads are built into your countertop, the safety risk is very low. In addition to that, many bathroom charging pads are designed to withstand the amount of condensation that a bathroom produces. If you have a loose charging pad that isn’t fixed into the countertop, be careful where you place it so it doesn’t fall off of the counter or get damaged in any way. Safety is one of the most important elements of a design. It is important that you prioritize this. Make sure all safety precautions are taken care of ahead of time.

Final Note

Wireless charging is becoming popular in many homes as well as many bathrooms. With the multitude of items that can benefit from wireless charging, it is definitely something worth considering. There are several different ways to go here. It could be a phone, speaker or anything in between. Consider all of your options. Technology is growing in all area of your home, so consider it for your bathroom. Explore your options and you will have a tech friendly bathroom design. Bathroom tech is important, so start early.
Make sure you have all your bases covered before you buy anything. Contact a professional if you need any help. You have to consider any issues that could occur as well.