Towel Bars

Towel bars are one of the necessary bathroom accessories that should be in your bathroom design. Whether your bathroom has a bathtub, shower or both, you are going to need a towel bar. On the other hand, you may need a towel bar to hold a hand towel for hand washing. The size of the towel bar depends on where it is in your bathroom and what it will be used for. Most towel bars will be mounted near a shower, because this is a location that towel need to be essentially at all times. Deciding on a towel bar ultimately comes down to location and how many towels you want.

Hand Towel Bars

If you have a hand towel in your bathroom, you are going to want to have a towel bar to make your bathroom look more presentable and accessible. Hand towel bars typically measure about sixteen to eighteen inches. This will provide sufficient space to hold your hand towel. The compact size should fit just about wherever you want it as well, making it perfect for both small and large bathrooms. You will want to install this towel bar in the immediate vicinity of your sink in order to maximize the accessibility of your towel, making your bathroom experience easy and comfortable.

Bath/Shower Towel Bars

For a bath/shower towel bar, the standard length can range from about twenty-four to thirty inches, depending on how many towels will be used. If multiple people will be using the bathroom, you should consider getting a large towel or two smaller towel bars to make sure there is enough room to hold each towel. These towel bars should be placed within arms reach of the bathtub/shower itself in order to prevent any water from dripping on the floor. If you have a large bathroom, you can experiment with what towel bars will work and how many you need, given the extra space that you have. These kinds of towel bars are especially important because of how often they will be used.